Friday, November 13, 2009

: : Shoe Fetishism : :

..wait..wait..these are not mine;D

Nice huh? Pretty soon I could promise my closet will look like that too. Okay, maybe when I get obscenely rich;p

You have probably wondered who has got the best shoe collection out there when Zimah's Depart is having this contest opened for bloggers.


Let's check out my collection!

[Click to enlarge]

Looking at my shoes sprawled out on the floor just made me realize how many pairs I actually own. No wonder I do not have enough room for all my shoes! However, I wish I was more experimental with colours. Still, my close friends recognize me for my matched skills in dressing up-and-down that keep me at their inspirational style list.

Some of these were bought quite a while back and some of them I just bought when I had some serious shopping during the second quarter of this year. I would normally pay for relatively low in price shoes. BIG SALE!!! Now I would not have to do that again for quite some time. Plus, my purse is crying already from being so thin! I am very pleased with all of them! The most expensive pair so far have been the boots!

+ DONE with all the T+C :)

P/S: I need to hurry since the contest ends an hour from now!


Zimah's Depart said...

I dah jenguk..
anyway good luck..

ween said...

byk nye kasut. boot pun ada, cantek :)

bettYone said...

zimah: tenkius2~
happy judging to the organizer:)

ween: hihiks;p mekaseh yek..pompuan lah katakan..huhu..

fai said...

i love all ur shoes yone..fantastc..esp the boots..very hot..cnt wait to sneek into ur room and see all ur collections close up..btw do add some more coz the fashion nw is simply fabulous..:P

bettYone said...


hg ni sj tau fai..mau aku pabes duit kat kasut plaks pasni..bau nak b'tobat..hihiks;D

ween said...

he. btw. teringin nak tgk mcm mana u mix n match ur outfit with the boot. I suka, tp mcm xberani nak pakai. huu. mst comel kan :)

fai said...

amma ang jimat konon..klu ang nk beli ang beli gak kn..xyah aku suruh mesti ang beli nya..:P

bettYone said...

ween: hahaha..susah nak jawab tu..i pon xde la berani sgt..wat2 berani;p hehehe..

fai: huhuhu..memang..tp ang la yg 'mendorong' aku;D

Ena said...

Salam Kenal..

hwah..hwahh..hwahh..Manyakkk nyer kasut.. bestnyer klu ader koleksi camni.. leh match ngan mcm2 baju kann.. malangnyer sy x dpt buat begini..huhuhu.. coz kakiku sungguh comeyy.. hihii..

bettYone said...

salam p'kenalan;)

huhuhu..haah~ ada dua kelebihan utama ada koleksi kasut yg byk..

1. senang nak match2 dgn outfit..
2. kasut lambat rosak..sbb byk yg nak dipakai;p

kaki comey la senang..size cinderella;)

jom makan said...

salam kenal n tahniah u menang...

bettYone said...

salam p'kenalan jom.makan:)

thanx for informing me! gumbiranya hatiku..uUuUuUu~

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