Friday, December 11, 2009

: : Women and Handbags : :

Just like other women, I love handbags! It is just like my daily survival!

I personally choose handbags that would define myself and reflect my sense of fashion.
I am no brand awareness person. I am fond of chasing the fashionable and simple handbags but value its ability in showing off! hehehe.. Elegant! Or at least, they do look elegant;p

They are women's best friend. They have to look good for us to look good;) setuju tak???..hah..kot ye pon suka melaram..jangan syok sendiri jek..jom melaram dan menang! Contest? Yes. But this time by

Let's check it out!

..hah..tunggu apa lagik..???

Girls, get your handbags on and strike a pose! Try your lucky photo!

And this is mine!

Yes, to those who know-and-knew me, this picture of mine is considered 'melaram' since I rarely seen to dress like this often. The handbag? I believe that the handbag is made more versatile by removing the shoulder strap. baru la ala2 datin sofiera spa Q II kan? hihiks..
And luckily, this lucky-me met one of my idols that day.




: : Z.A.M.A.N.I : :
a voice that warms my heart;)


isabelle said...

Wahh...mcm kenai ja henbeg mahal tu.hehe

p/s:awat muka ang masa dgn zamani cengkung tu...nmpk mcm masa ang bgmbr dgn aku ms kecik dulu (dgn mata cerlang)?? :P

bettYone said...

hah~ tu blom tunjuk koleksi henbeg2 lagik;p

oits~ hg wat leshey mike..aku balun kontek bau tau! wawawa:D tu sbb over-excited!

MrS. F!zA@MaMa Darwisy said...

good luck k :)

bettYone said...

hmm~ :) tenkius mrs.fiza (n_n)

FFairuzA said...

aduii awat zamni tu wei.aku tiup sekali sure dia terbang..adehhh..but i like ur hbag..nicee.:P..gd luck yone..xoxoxo

bettYone said...

ecece~ hg ingat hg superman ka fai?;p hihiks..

eip? fai..aku bau + koleksi henbeg2 aku..ngeh3x..tenkius2:)

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