Wednesday, July 8, 2009

: : Funny Birthday Moment Photo Contest @ My.B.E.T.T.Y.ful.Soul : :

Hello Bloggers! Welcome to the first official contest of My.B.E.T.T.Y.ful.Soul.Blog.

bettYone is organizing a contest for her upcoming birthday this July. Everyone is invited to join as long as you have your blog running.

bettYone is Me! wink2~

This contest is super-easy to enter.
Complete these six (6) steps and you can stand a chance winning the prizes!

1. Follow
bettYone @ My.B.E.T.T.Y.ful.Soul.Blog - add bettYone to your blogroll.
2. Post an entry about -
: : Funny Birthday Moment Photo Contest : :

3. Upload one (1) photo showing your most hilarious birthday moments with a creative written description of the photo.
4. Place the contest button on your blog sidebar.

5. Add my link: http://bettyone-mybettyfulsoul.blogspot.com/ in your entry.
6. Drop me a comment with the link to your contest entry.

Terms and Conditions

[+] This contest is opened to Malaysian bloggers only.

[+] Entries may be received only during the entry period from 8th July 2009 until 16th July 2009.

[+] You must complete the required steps to be counted in.
[+] Winners will be selected based on the quality, originality, and appeal of the entries.

[+] Judges' decisions are final and no correspondence will be entertained.

[+] Winners will get notified in this blog.

Start blogging on this contest now and win the prizes!

Best wishes to all! (^_^)


Mama Qaseh said...

Wahhh..best nyer..my bday also in july.. 17/07..

but too bad xde bday pic laa..so cant join the contest..

mama zharfan said...

kena guna pic bday sendiri ker? or anyone's bday, like my baby boy's bday boleh tak?

bettYone said...

mama qaseh: mine is on 16th july:)
xde pic bday? wat la cupcake konon2 bday! huhuhu..

mama zharfan: bday sape2 pon boleh..baby sendiri lagik bagos! tp jgn la sampai tahap carik kat tenet..hihiks..

srikandi zara and muqri said...

betty, kita dh enter. ni linknya: http://siapalebihtahu.blogspot.com/2009/07/funny-birthday-moment-photo-contest.html

harap2 menang..hik hik hik

Nana said...

hye salam kenal.. syarat2 seme dah follow
ni link saya:


bettYone said...


p/s: ingat tau..ikot syarat..to be counted in..otherwise..disqualified w/out notice..hehe..

E.L.I.Z.A said...

hye betty,
happy birthday! erkk yg ke berapa tu ;P wishing u with the glory, happy long live & prosper.aminn

so this is my url..check it out ya!


God Blessed >_<

bettYone said...

welcome eliza:) n3 noted as well..
eerrr~ umo..??? muda remaja lagik hah..hihiks;D

CuTeMiUt78 said...

okies.. here we're n3 about contest from my blog..


Precious said...

Uwaa uwaaa ... I love kontes. kena carik gambo dulu ..

bettYone said...

u're counted in cutemiut!

silakan precious:) meh join meh..

mama zharfan said...

hi dear,
sudi2kan jenguk my entry yer :



bettYone said...

sure mamazharfan:)

meh la lagik ramai2 memeriahkan contest ni..huhu..

shaparin said...

Salam kenal.. here is my entry :)


bettYone said...

another n3..another competitor..
p'saingan yg sehat..bagus2.. :)

ibu damia said...

askum...........ibu damia dtg ni nak hantar link pasal contest tu.......nanti jengok2lah yer.....kalau ader salah, silap or whatever tu bgtau lah yer.........

ni link nya..

mama tisya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mama tisya said...

salam betty..this my link
feel free to view


i dh add blog u dlm blogroll kt cni ye

mummYaeesh said...

hye bettyone (btw how to pronounce ur name huh?) is it "betiwan" or "betiyon" whoops!

anyway... weols pun nak join ur contest..arini last kan?? smpai kul bape ek?? sbb tgh gigih cari and wat entry ni..klu dlm kul 2 ni smpat lagi tak?? nnt weols bg linknye yerk!woohoo

happy bday dear!

Shasha_Shaikha said...

salam Betty,

wah bestnye ade contest..
Nak masuk tau..

please check out the entry at :

Tq ye..

mummYaeesh said...

hye betty..oleh kerana tenet weols sgt mengong skang ni.. weols bg link siap2 la ek.. walaupun n3 contest ni weols autopublish kul 2 ptg gitew..


andai kata weols dpt online time da publish n3 tu nnt weols link semula the exact n3!

mummy_ayu said...

hie..salam kenal.
nak join gak..this is my link

TQ! by the way ... happy birthday BETTY!

mummyaeesh said...

hai betty..here u go.contest link frm mummyaeesh


bettYone said...

whoa~ ramainyeee aih..sori2..
a bit 'bz' 2day..huhu..

hmm..mujo sempat ha..
geng mummy2 masok.. :)

p/s: mummy.yaeesh..it is pronounced as 'betiyon';p

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