Sunday, July 5, 2009

: : Weekend Friends Outing : :

I spent yesterday evening at
a quaint seaside village,
Bagan Lalang.

Sunset view: to Bagan Lalang

A convivial evening with great company of friends; MilaMilot, Komal and Hairie - sharing fine foods plus light entertainment. Cool huh?
Poised to be a major tourist spot in Sepang, restaurants serving seafood dishes open till late night to cater the ever-increasing number of visitors.

Hungry. Time for dinner! Seafood, of course! We all ate, and ate - and talked. (nyum..nyum..)



After dinner, we sat by the seaside and talked some more. We laughed and surprisingly had so much fun singing along whilst Komal plucking his guitar. Rock Kapak songs! Komal taught me several chords. A good sifu for an absolute beginner playing guitar! How much did I accomplish? I did kind of dramatic improvement. I am just a beginner. "...but I can't help...falling in love with you..." Yes, the tune! Maybe someday I could play the tune of 'Nothing Else Matters'? Thanks Komal for the free lesson. wink-wink~

It was so nice to get out of the house and enjoyed the lovely evening with the three of them. Friendship has been said to be sustenance for the soul.


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