Tuesday, March 2, 2010

: : The Best Antidote : :

Students. Students are the best antidotes. Another remedy for fever. Or maybe, my fever only. I often get updated with students' new 'vocabularies' lately. And I would like to share these words with you readers.

Again, I had a gut-wrenching laugh listening to students mistakenly pronounced these few new terms for them. Last week, I had a student wrote the definition of endocrine glands as 'duck'less glands instead of 'duct'less glands.

LOL:D (..i juz dunno..kelenjar sapa pulak ada 'itik'?!?!..adoyai~)

This evening, I forced myself to go to the class though I was not fully recovered from my fever. But, I came back like I was not sick! Guess what happened during the class? I taught my students a new topic and did some revisions for their coming examinations. Throughout the class, they came out with a few newly-named terms.

1. MEOISIS: a cell division that occurs in reproductive cells

..was mistakenly pronounced as..

MAYONNAISE: a thick pale sauce made from egg yolks and oil

2. AXON: a long projection of a nerve cell

..was mistakenly pronounced as..

AXION: a brand of dish washing paste/liquid

3. MYELIN SHEATH: an insulating layer that surrounds the core of a nerve fiber

..was mistakenly pronounced as..

MITSUBISHI: a multinational manufacturer and distributor of automobiles

*sigh* len yg aku ngajo len yg korang sebut..adoila~ btw..vocab2 ni la yg wat aku tros kebah demam..dan2 kuat cedang (bak kata isabelle;P) seperti badang!!!:D


isabelle said...

huh! apakesangap sgt depa smpi lain diajar, lain yg dia pronounce? ingat kiut la tu?

haa.hang tunggu la masa exam, cute ke mana ...apa ke mana.

bettYone said...

yg peliknya..sebut salah eja btol pulak..aisey~ macam2:P

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