Wednesday, March 25, 2009

: : Never Walk Home : :

Having a flat tyre is an inevitable experience. Women could not care less about the workings of a motor vehicle and how to change a tyre since some men are as helpless in this res
pect as most women. (sesetengah saja la yang memang tayar sendiri pon x reti nak tukaq! - pardon the expression, "girly-boys";p) Providentially, I was once told by Mr. X to be better prepared for this inconvenience by familiarizing myself with the jack and the spare wheel as well without having to wait for the assistance of others. (ilmu tu penting..kan?kan?kan..?)

The research I did on changing a flat tyre is extremely helpful when I noticed that a nail had picked up a small puncture in the driver’s side rear tyre of my car last few days. (uwaa..sapa punya keja ni???) Assuming that I was relatively safe while considering the loads in my car (mujo x macam bokcha2 dalam keta Along..hihiks..) and the distance from my student’s house, I drove back home cautiously. With a bit of experience and knowledge I managed to replace the flat tyre single-handedly. Yay!

This evening, I went to a car service station nearby and h
ad the flat tyre repaired for RM5. I would like to share simple instructions to prepare readers for the foreseeable inconvenience of getting a flat tyre.


:: Changing A Flat Tyre ::

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Installation of Lug Nuts


Hope this handy hint post helps anyone caught in the same/similar situation.

P/S: Credits to Mr. X ("_;)
jack-out...JACK SPARROW!!!


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isabelle said...

kena buat kursus ni

bettYone said...

huhu..kursus tukaq 'spare-tyre' aku yg patut menuntut dgn ang;p hihiks..

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