Tuesday, March 31, 2009

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Too much work and no vacation. I am burned out and ready for a break! Could simply head to the airport for a quick trip to any island if only the fund is there. But for me, my vacation requires something more - BLOGGING EFFORT!

Don't have to break the bank for a getaway! Blog and go on the vacation you have always dre
amed about. Stand a chance to win a wonderful trip by TheLilCaliph.com. An exciting 3D/2N local holiday to Langkawi, Redang or Tioman Island awaits you!


Shopping online is both convenient and cost-efficient. It
is a wonderful way to save time and money. Typically, online purchasing helps in saving money on parking and petrol or even the cost of the actual product itself. One can still save the cost even with the possibility of shipping and handling charges as well.

TheLilCaliph is a Malaysia-based online baby store that offers the convenience and comfort of online shopping for a wide selection of quality internationally recognized baby products from leading brands such as Avent, Fisher-Price, Safety 1st, Hasbro, Bananagrams, Crayola and more.

Great super-mommies, get the convenience to shop goodies at TheLilCaliph for your beloved baby kids! Try visiting TheLilCaliph online store and find great options of your own. Come across great deals and even free shipping offers at TheLilCaliph! Do bookmark and get traffic to the site!

Happy Babies for Shopaholic Mommies!
:: Mommies' Shopaholic Virus Attack ::


fai said...

eh yone.. tulis la ayat2 peransang mcm..so what r u waiting for..do visit this website for more info..bla3..:D

bettYone said...

fuhhh~finally fai..sempat gak ha..
last-minute btol nih..huhu..
neways,thanx fai:) credits to u!

fai said...

bsemangat giloss kita ni yone..ekeke..hopefully kita mng kan..amiin..dpt p vacation free..ehehe

Anonymous said...

Dear Lil Sis,

My skype add :- intan.suhana


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