Sunday, March 22, 2009

: : LOST in TRUST : :

I had heard stories of how mail was lost and how items in a package sent through Pos Malaysia went missing, but luckily it had never happened to me. (bila sangat la aku pos barang pon..) Using an alternative method such as international courier services will cost a bit more but is believed to save a BIG headache and long heartache from losing valuable items. Yet, it is not safe either. I am one of the ‘potential’ customers who learned bitter-truth lessons about this poor postal service.

Last Sunday, I asked my one-and-only brother, Acik to get me my dream ‘gadget’ from Penang and had the item posted to me via *ahem* this so-called more secure option (nada perli ni..) - Nationwide Express Courier Services Berhad a couple of days ago. Still, the parcel has not been delivered within the next-day stipulated delivery time which is yesterday. (adoyai..aku bukan duk kat tempat jin bertendang kot nak lambat2 sampai..)

I would consider if there has been an unexpected postal delay affecting the delivery - hoping that the parcel arrives today. (tapi, hampeh jugak!!!) I have checked the delivery status on the web by entering the shipment's consignment note number prior to contacting the Customer Service Hotline – but it was disappointing! On enquiring the staff and other concerned persons, they were saying that the parcel is progressing through the system (without assurance) - this means there has been no attempt at delivery yet. I was deeply upset calling the Kuala Lumpur Head Office and Butterworth Branch with no satisfactory answer. In the end, they just asked me to wait until this Monday for the final confirmation. (esok dah Ahad..boleh buat apa ja pon..?)

Having said all that, I doubt of using the service again regardless the delivery status of my parcel. As a service provider, Nationwide Express has lost its credibility towards me.


Anonymous said...

Dear my SIL,

Acik hang dah mengamok sakan kat Penang ni. Dari Office -> Nationwide -> umah -> umah abah -> Office and all around the world!
Pity you dear!

bettYone said...

:( uhuhu..tenkiu k.intan..
memang patut pon pi mengamok..
service terok!!! uwaaa (T_T)

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