Tuesday, June 30, 2009

: : blog-a-holic.blogshop : :

It is my new blog! I mean another blog. A business blog. Sort of. An online-shopping blog. More accurate, I guess.

The idea for the blog has been 'brewing' in my mind since I have been experimenting with my personal blog -
My.B.E.T.T.Y.ful.Soul but I never had the time to dedicate to starting it up. Late last week, I bit the bullet and get it going! And, here it goes...

With the tagline:
Get your R E T A I L . T H E R A P Y . Get H A P P Y

A few shots of the products in | CATALOG | -

Miscellaneous accessories

Cute but mute;D

New scarves collection for Yuna's fans or else, Yone's fans!

Have a look at my Blog-a-holic.Blogshop. Happy shopping!


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