Sunday, March 21, 2010

: : My Favourite Surfing Spot : :

Home is where the heart is.
..ahaks:P bagi ayat poyo ckit..lalalala..

'surfing spot' = not the water sport surfing la..tu dah sah2 kat laut..kihkihkih:D internet surfing okies?;)

Accessible at almost everywhere and anywhere; I would still choose home (my home) as my favorite internet surfing spot over other places.

I find it convenient to just surf at home though public places do offer wireless facilities for customers' convenience to surf the net for free. Yet, the answer has always been my home sweet home:) To be exact, my room. Oh, yes!


The equation makes home the perfect spot for me to get online 24/7 - spending hours in front of my laptop without having to wait for a page to load!

..hah..ni lagik satu sebab aku x suka surf internet kat cafe2+kawasan yg sewaktu dengannya..offer wi-fi tapi macam x ikhlas jek..huhu..macam siput daa..boleh tertido tunggu ha..hahaha:D nak speed laju punya pasal..terperap le kat umah..tido pon dengan laptop..ngee:D~

Well, I wish I could have the super sleek, portable P1 Wimax 4G Broadband with much faster broadband speed, unlimited connectivity and unlimited accessibility as well. muahaha:D P1 memang sesuai untuk aku yg tamak;P ada sapa2 yg tamak jugak??? ngeh3x~

Project Alpha Season 2 presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.


Drama Mama said...

menarik contest ni!!! nak join lah kalau berkesempatan nanti. hiks


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