Sunday, May 3, 2009

: : KL Chill-Out : :

It was unplanned. Seriously. I just thought of doing something to give my mind and body a much-needed break. A few hours out of the week to unplug and just enjoy.

Chilling out and feeling 'girl power'! Yes! But, any idea? Any nice chill-out place besides the usual relaxing sit-down cafe?

*figuring a place out of Shah Alam*

Dataran Merdeka? Yes, Dataran Merdeka!

An angle of Dataran Merdeka - Garden City of Lights?

Been at Dataran Merdeka again after 12 years. I was only twelve when I first stepped there. (gila syok..betapa gumbiranya hatiku..huhu..) It does not bring much memories to me but it does give me a sense of pride.

A night view of the most prominent classic landmark in KL,
the Sultan Abdul Samad Building.

A white onion-shaped dome.

Me? Yone within the dark.

A sidewalk of radiance.

A breathtaking piece of architecture ever.

Garden water fountain - peace and serenity.
(Mila Milot loves this picture!)

P/S: Thank you 'A'!

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