Monday, November 30, 2009

: : Name-A-Blog.Cook-A-Link CONTEST : :


It is Name-A-Blog.Cook-A-Link CONTEST.

Creating another blog for all cooking and baking fans, Sassezz's Kitchen needs suggestions for her hungry mind. She shares recipes for my hungry tummy and I share mine. My piece of mind:)

nyum2~ yummylicious!

Sharing is caring. All you need is just BLOG and SHARE! Blog on the contest and share your brilliant mind as well as any favourite related links on recipes and cookware/bakeware. There is a high probability to win the cool crotchet prizes of such an attempt. 1 link = 1 entry :)

So, happy sharing!

: : My Dressing Barn : Tell us what you think CONTEST : :

ATTENTION everybody!

My Dressing Barn has given its blog a face lift. If you are reading this, take a look dude!

Nice job, right?
I like it! It is a wow-worthy makeover! The black theme seems a lot welcoming with the contrast clean pink alphabetic characters which stand out nicely and complement the black background very well.

My Dressing Barn could even opt for a very catchy Flash animated banner someday for the extra jazz looking! hehehe..ada godek2 sikit mesti lagik kiut kan? ;)

The blog header is moving in the right direction with the so-called Fashionista clip art on the header! It looks fine enough to my screen resolution too.

I am just wondering if only the grey upper-bar titles matched the tone of the alphabetical header (the pink perhaps) - although I find it looks more elegant with some red in it. I think there should be some unifying elements between the header and the upper-bar as well.

I know it is unifying. Yet, the grey colour seems less appealing. How about ch
anging the grey bar to the same pink found in the header? I think. Just play with it a little more to see how it may look, perhaps you will discover something you will like even more :)

Afterall, I like it! It is sophisticated and fun at the same time. I love the achromatic colour of maximum darkness with the juxtaposition of contrasting colours resulting the most striking banner! Go for bold colours.

CONGRATULATIONS My Dressing Barn! (^_^)

So, what
do you think? Do you like the new look? Prefer the old one? Blog about it!

Good luck! ;) Pray for my luck too! hehehe...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

MOBS & Luvable Kids Contest Giveaway

Your baby deserves the best!

Find the right products for your baby at luvablekids store - a reliable online store for baby products which are reasonably-priced.
The store offers great baby gift ideas, baby clothes and equipment, nappy bags, organic skin care, safety and health, toys and much more.

Perfect gifts for a new baby and mum!
luvablekids store makes your shopping experience a pleasure!

Browsing through the products almost makes me want a baby! hahaha..;p I said ALMOST. Don't freak out, sisters and brother, if you are reading this. I just love them! (huhuhu..pasni mesti ada yg mengingatkan aku akan kewujudan anak2 sedara aku..hihiks;p)

Oh yeah. Check out these too cute adorable little wrist rattles!
RM6.90 only.

Attachable to cot, crib and stroller, these rattles are suitable for new born to soothe baby's sore gums while promoting the development of the senses.

As an educator, I believe that a gift of 'My First Book' set is ideal for a baby's early learning process. With activity on each of the page, the Baby Cloth Book set helps to enhance baby's awareness besides promoting gross and fine motor skills.

Bright, bold and colourful pictures of animals aids to stimulate baby's visual development as well as brain development through fun and play.

Available in three: Bunny, Giraffe and Lion at only RM15.90.

A diaper bag for the styling mom and baby on the go! It is all in the nappy bag, baby!

And, it is only RM39.90.

Yay! This hip and functional diaper bag helps to keep everything under control! :) Nappy bags for the fashion forward mummy!

Neo Geo Hanging Cube Organizer?

Get it for free! Worth RM49.90.

It could be yours.

All you need is just BLOG!

P/S: Check the T&C at MOBS & Luvable Kids Contest Giveaway

Friday, November 27, 2009

: : MEAT Mubarak : :

Happy Eid-ul-Adha to all Muslims around the world!

Taqabballahu minna wa minkum :)

Eid-ul-Adha - Eid Mubarak? It is Meat Mubarak! hehehe...nyum2... ;p

...penantian untuk dikorbankan...

Warm wishes from me - may Allah bless you on this auspicious day of Eid with a blessing of greater prosperity, happiness, success and divine love. May all wishes are fulfilled and prayers are granted. Amin...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

: : Let's Get Organized : :

One can get hurt at home, at work, in the car or really anywhere. That is why it is important to always have access to a well-stocked and well-organized first aid kit – not just for yourself, but for your friends, family, and even strangers. Come on. Here is what you need to do to assemble your kit. Let's get organized! Let's support the 'campaign' by bungakesidang!

Let's get started!
All "ingredients" can be purchased in one shopping trip from any pharmacy and can be budget-friendly if generic brands are purchased.

Get a good, sturdy box to store it in. Make sure that this container is heat and water resistant. Also, make sure it is small enough to be easily transported to where it is needed, yet big enough to hold all of the supplies needed. And make sure it seals, so items are not falling out!

It does not have to be a brand new box or a store-bought kit. Look around your home and, chances are, you will find the perfect container that can be 're-purposed'.


With everything out, group like items together and arrange them neatly. Make them a lebel.
It does not matter if the label is printed or hand-written, as long as it is there. The power of a label is amazing for keeping items in their proper homes!

Share the First Aid Box with your family so they know what it is and where it is. This will save you valuable time in a true emergency. Take 5 minutes to organize your First Aid Box today!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

: : They Wish : :

"...the poor wish to be rich...
...the rich wish to be happy...

...the single wish to be married...
...and the married wish to be dead..."


"...and the dead wish to be in heaven, perhaps...?

or else, the dead wish to be alive!!!"


Friday, November 13, 2009

: : Shoe Fetishism : :

..wait..wait..these are not mine;D

Nice huh? Pretty soon I could promise my closet will look like that too. Okay, maybe when I get obscenely rich;p

You have probably wondered who has got the best shoe collection out there when Zimah's Depart is having this contest opened for bloggers.


Let's check out my collection!

[Click to enlarge]

Looking at my shoes sprawled out on the floor just made me realize how many pairs I actually own. No wonder I do not have enough room for all my shoes! However, I wish I was more experimental with colours. Still, my close friends recognize me for my matched skills in dressing up-and-down that keep me at their inspirational style list.

Some of these were bought quite a while back and some of them I just bought when I had some serious shopping during the second quarter of this year. I would normally pay for relatively low in price shoes. BIG SALE!!! Now I would not have to do that again for quite some time. Plus, my purse is crying already from being so thin! I am very pleased with all of them! The most expensive pair so far have been the boots!

+ DONE with all the T+C :)

P/S: I need to hurry since the contest ends an hour from now!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

: : Trichechus Manatus : :

Trichechus manatus? What is it??? A manatee! Huh, what??? It is DUGONG la..hahaha;D

The video is real cute just like the one who shared me this! Thank you Jumie! ;)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

: : Feeling Feverish : :

It started this morning when I woke up and found myself with a mild sore throat. I was feeling quite wel
l till afternoon. Yet, I seem to feel feverish with blocked nostrils on alternate sides! I do not seem to be able to get rid of this blocked nose!

I have taken the paracetamol and hoping the discomfort will begin to ease. And I drink a lot of plain water as well. The Prophet tells us to reduce the fever with water. He describes the intensity of fever by saying:
Fever is coal from hell, get rid of it by using cold water.” [Ibn Maajah]

drinking a lot of fluids is very helpful.


Fever wipes out ones sins and rids his body from dead substances and germs. It is a blessing in disguise.

The Prophet said:
When a believer gets sick or feverish, it is like metal when put on fire, the bad is gone and the good remains.”

The Prophet forbade the cursing of fever by saying:
Do not curse a fever because it abolishes sins like fire abolishes dirt from iron.” [Ibn Maajah]

he Prophet also said:
For every ailment, there is a cure. If the cure reaches the ailment, it is cured by the will of Allah.” [Muslim]

: : Children's 'creativity' : :

Jimmy's English teacher was a perfectionist and demanded the very best of his pupils. So it was only to be expected that he would get furious when Little Jimmy handed in a poor paper.

"This is the worst essay it has ever been my misfortune to read," ranted the teacher. "It has too many mistakes. I can't understand how one person would have made all these mistakes."

"One person didn't," replied Little Jimmy defensively. "My father helped me."

Oh, kids! Their creativity knows no bounds!

Sharing another short funny essay written in Bahasa Melayu with you friends. Enjoy reading. :)




Friday, November 6, 2009

: : Inglourious Basterds : :


Quentin Tarantino has made history - an amazing subject to me! He has made a four-star audacious war movie -

: : Inglourious Basterds : :

To me, the movie is entirely engaging enough for a two-and-a-half hour action film.

Adolf Hitler: [
at the premiere of "Nation's Pride"] Extraordinary, my dear. Simply extraordinary. This is your finest film yet.

Kudos to Tarantino! And not forgetting, the team.

Melanie Laurent, Christoph Waltz, Omar Doom, Daniel Bruhl,
Director Quentin Tarantino, Eli Roth, Diane Kruger and Brad Pitt

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