Tuesday, June 30, 2009

: : blog-a-holic.blogshop : :

It is my new blog! I mean another blog. A business blog. Sort of. An online-shopping blog. More accurate, I guess.

The idea for the blog has been 'brewing' in my mind since I have been experimenting with my personal blog -
My.B.E.T.T.Y.ful.Soul but I never had the time to dedicate to starting it up. Late last week, I bit the bullet and get it going! And, here it goes...

With the tagline:
Get your R E T A I L . T H E R A P Y . Get H A P P Y

A few shots of the products in | CATALOG | -

Miscellaneous accessories

Cute but mute;D

New scarves collection for Yuna's fans or else, Yone's fans!

Have a look at my Blog-a-holic.Blogshop. Happy shopping!

Friday, June 26, 2009

: : King of Fruits : :

Yes, unquestionably it is the seasonal tropical fruit with overpowering perceptible smell!

: : D.U.R.I.A.N : :

I passionately love the exotic spiky durian with its sinfully aromatic custard-like flesh. Hey, stand the smell and enjoy the delectable creamy fillings! nyum..nyum..

This evening, PakLi and Komal took Mila Milot and I to one they-call-it-popular-fruit stall selling good grades durians located right beside the Petronas USJ 13, Subang Jaya. (sori..lupa nak tengok nama gerai tu sebab mata dah dikaburi dgn durian2 yg kelihatan menggugat imanku..huhu..) Conveniently, there are a few tables set up for customers to savour the fruits on the spot! Chill huh? Getting durians at your preference or you can just leave it to the durian experts there to pick the right one for you!

And there, we had ours - the second batch! (yg first punya x sempat nak amik gambar..x tahannn!!! muahaha..) Yeah...piling on the calories!!!

Heavenly texture, heavenly taste.

Considering that durians have warming properties at risk of causing excessive sweating, I drank the water poured into the empty husk of the fruit to traditionally counteract the effect. It is Asian folk beliefs! (eleh..makan b'bijik2..minum satu pangsa bajet sejuk la sangat..huhuhu..)

It was a good time to feast on the King of Fruits! *hunting for durians*

Durian lovers, happy durian hunting!
Durian loathers, do not let the notoriously repulsive smell dissuade you from trying it because it is worth trying. ;D wink2~

: : An Icon, A Legend : :

Died of cardiac arrest, the world lost an icon in shock.

Michael Jackson - a legend who touched lives worldwide.

I am glad to have been around long enough to experience the sensation of the world's pop icon - his super hit songs with his moonwalk trademark.

The world is paying tribute to the King of Pop! His songs - anytime, anywhere.

: : 29th August 1958 - 25th June 2009 : :

Rest in peace, Mikaeel.

Monday, June 15, 2009

: : Today: A Gift of Life : :

: : H A P P Y . B I R T H D A Y . A B A H : :

Your daughter knows for sure,
Abah is one of a kind,
Another like you,
Would be hard to find.

May this birthday be just the beginning of a year filled with wonderful moments, happy memories and shining dreams.

: : A Lectureship Interview : :

I had a much-anticipated formal interview for lectureship at Sunway University College this morning. I was so worried of the mock-teaching session since I had not enough time for the preparatory phase as I was only be informed last night.

Luckily, I did refer to my sister - Isabelle and my supermummy - Assoc. Prof. Rahimah Sarmidy for the mock-teaching tips. I was told that the delivery is more crucial than the content itself. It is all about the manner of speaking! "I believe that you have no problem with that. Try to overcome your nervousness and be confident!", said my supermummy.

Everything went well. Plus, the mock-lecture was said to be good enough. Glad to hear that. Thank you to Alang and Supermummy. The academic interview panel asked mainly about teaching, and a lecturer's role. I just gave my very best to personalize responses grounded in the experience of mine about my potential teaching and academic contributions.

Now, the only thing that I need to do is wait. Wait for the best! Allah knows the best and the rest.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

: : H A P P Y . B I R T H D A Y . f a i : :

Because today is so special..

..it really wouldn't do..

..to send one simple birthday wish..

..to last the whole year through..

So this wishes happy moments..

..a day when dreams come true..

..and a year that's filled with all the things..

..that mean the most to you..

H.A.P.P.Y.B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y to you!

Wishing you a good health, a bright success, a longlasting happiness and a big money with great love. Many happy returns of the day my dear friend, FairuzaFarissa :)

P/S: Oits, cepat2 dapat boifren..cepat2 kawen..huhu..

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


No class. Movie time! Layan...

One of the most eagerly anticipated, awaited movies:


I watched the movie with no expectations and found it enjoyable. The action was visually stunning! (Tengah duk syok2 pon..ada yg leh tidoq..adehs~sabar jela..)

The Terminator franchise has always been inherently great since the last two and a half decades. (Apa kira..aku duk baby lagik..dalam perot!) Many reviews have been negative but I just enjoyed it as it is. Still, Terminator Salvation did have Arnold Schwarzenegger for the last major on-screen role connecting it to the previous series. Plus, the movie wisely provides some dramatic weight to this relatively simple story of a machine-war-world in regards the conflict of Marcus Wright, the new Cyborg (Cybernetic Organism: living tissue over a metal endoskeleton).

Extreme violence and destruction of humans by the hunting machines, artificial intelligence called Skynet! A movie-to-watch! *****

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

: : My Best Friend's Wedding 060909 : :

No, I am not blogging about the movie. It is all about my best friend, my course mate - Wanie!

Do we both look like sisters?

Again, a trip to Terengganu!
I just got back from Terengganu where Esha, Nonie, Nurul and husband, and I had a fun weekend together celebrating Wanie's wedding to her sweet husband, Johan. So much fun! I had a great opportunity for attending, witnessing and being a part of Wanie's wedding.

The boy is Wanie's youngest brother. Not as what you guys think;p

The wedding and reception were both absolutely beautiful. I was just so happy to be able to attend, being an honored guest. Watching two people you know very well make such a life-long commitment is such an amazing moment to be a part of. Oh, I am happy for them. Wishing them a life-long happiness. (Aisey..bila la pulak turn aku nih..)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

: : The Uber Amazing Blog Award : :

Wow! I have just received my first award at the blogsphere!
The Uber Amazing Blog Award : awarded by Isabelle
- not that I really deserve it, but thanks Alang! I am super-delighted to be considered as one! I am sorry for being that much late to receive this award. (kesibukan melampau..huhu..)

1. Copy this award and put it in your blog

2. State 5 interesting facts about the one who gave u the award:

a: An ideal older sister whom I treasured doing most sisterly-stuffs together. (Dan banyak lagi menda2 merapu!)
b: Both sides brain user. (Aku pon! hahaha..) 'Figures' are arts!
c: A very 'generous' sister when it comes to who's-gonna-pay-the-meal?-time. (Eh, hang bayar ek Alang...?)
P/S: Note that the question should only be asked in front of the cashier while 'slowly' taking out the cash from the purse. (Konon berebut nak bayar la..haha..)

d: She loves her mother..ops..
silap..her munchkin Cikebum!
e: A fashionista-la-diva! Vavava...

3. Then, state 10 facts/hobbies of yours before picking the next award nominees

a: Very sensitive to everything near and dear to her. (Sensitive and responsive!)
b: Has strong domestic instincts. (Hah..jaga-jaga aaa..tok nujum ni!)
c: Often has difficulty in making decisions, yet is predominately believed to make desicions for others.
d: Has youthful energy and enthusiasm which motivate her peers and students to put their best effort. (Caiyok2!!!)
e: Enjoys meeting up with new friends!
"Make new friends, but keep the old; one is silver and the other is gold."

f: Has a passion of perfection. (Dipercayai turun-temurun dalam perincian pemilihan barangan bagi setiap pembelian!)
g: Always hope to attain great wealth in business realizing the greatest financial potential. (Di mana dia Dewa Kekayaan saya..? - irama lagu "Di mana dia anak kambing saya..?")
h: A conventional person who likes to earn her livelihood in glamorous ways. ('An actress in-the-making'? Hah..iyolah tu..)
i: A shopaholic? (Oh, 'sorga dunia'!)
j: Great Teacher Onizuka! Eh, silap..Great Teacher Khairun Nisa! (Anak2 muridku, baik korang mengaku..baru berkat ilmu tu..hohoho..)

4. Choose 10 nominees for this award and describe them.

a. isabelle - mother-blogger!
b. fai.ciknit - my dream lover:)
c. CJ -
d. dr.LOVE -
e. nanachoco -
f. fazleen -
g. jumie -
h. syazlin -
i. jing2 -
j. YOU

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