Saturday, April 25, 2009

: : Another Saturday : :

Slept at seven this morning, I felt a bit woozy when Alang rang me at ten. Yes, we had a plan. It was a birthday party held at Gymboree, Bangsar Village. Happy Birthday to Pasha the birthday boy! Adam? He acted oddly. He rather played alone than joining others. He seemed so happy with his own 'world'. *curious*
What happened to Adam?

MPH Bookstores! I got myself the little book of stupid questions! Why? I am just sick of those major metaphysical issues with meaningful questions of the universe. So deadening! Life deals with little things. Well, the stupid things. Dozens of incredibly silly but immensely interesting subjects. So, free up your mind of any deep thoughts and get ready to get real! (Or, to get stupid maybe?) I like to share a question with you readers.

Question 92: Do you think cows are mad that we take their milk?
[Issue to consider: How would you feel if a cow took your milk?]

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity
- and I'm not sure about the former." - Albert Einstein

Also bought a pocket majestic 99 beautiful names of Allah. Very handy and informative. No doubt, Allah is Most Beautiful and He likes the beautiful.

*to be continued

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

: : BEAUTY - Universal or Subjective? : :

I have often wondered what makes someone look beautiful?
Is there any benchmark for true beauty? Big eyes? Flawless porcelain skin? Gorgeous hair? Enviable body? Attractive features? Fashionable attire? Is beauty an intrinsic attribute? Or, is beauty all about perfection? (Nobody is perfect, nobody is beautiful?)

As for me, beauty is purely subjective. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. There is no magical formula for beauty. It is a matter of perception. I believe that definition of beauty is the dominance of the eyes which appreciates it. How would you feel if someone told you that you are beautiful? "You are beautiful."

I doubt when people saying that I look beautiful and cute. (Nak pinjam specs aku yg berkuasa tinggi ni ke?) But, I love compliments. Sincere compliments.

Someone told me that I am cute and I asked him to define the word 'cute'.

Mr. Z : I define 'cute' as ugly but nice to see.
Me : Whoa!!! Are you telling me that I am ugly? Ugly Betty?
Mr. Z : No. You are not-so-ugly. Not that ugly.
Me : Again? Still, you are in other way saying that I am ugly!
Mr. Z : Yone, you are not 'not-so-ugly'. You are 'so-not-ugly'.
Me : Linguistic semantics! *smug face* Anyways, thank you for the 'indirect compliments'.

"Wisdom is the sum of the past,
but beauty is the promise of the future." - Shakespeare

What is the essence behind true beauty?

Beauty belongs to beautiful minds - shines right on through to the outside. When I feel good, I feel beautiful, I glow - the whole day long!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

: : A Dream of Impian : :

Impian? *dream-o-dream*

I have always been interested in acting but again, it is another natural gift I was not endowed with. (hahaha..) I have no acting background! Never have had acting experience though.

Yesterday, I got to know about a TV drama casting opportunity from Syaz and decided to give a try since I have never been to one.

Anyways, it was such a great first casting experience. Reached there at 3pm and met the casting person, a friendly Chinese lady. Overall, it was a very good experience. It is not easy to do well in casting. Put aside the acting fears and take the experience as an enchanting path to self-discovery. Remember, not everyone is a star or a 'natural' actor.

P/S: Thank you to Syaz for the information on casting!

Monday, April 13, 2009

: : Retail Therapy : :

After such a toilsome week, I felt as if I did not have much time on myself. I had little time for reading and posting blogs. *pending* I needed a reward! A deep long sleep on Sunday morning and retail therapy, more accurately. (hehe..asyik nak membuta dengan soping ja..ngee;D)

I just woke up when I heard the knocking sound on my heaven's door. It was Mila-Milot, my housemate. She told me that her car tyre got punctured. (adehs..kesian..rileks..mujur kat depan umah ja ha..)

Well, practice makes perfect! I helped her to get everything done within a quarter of an hour. (berbekalkan pengalaman diriku yg tak seberapa..cewah..rendah diri tu..) The punctured tyre has been replaced with the spare tyre by the Supergirl! *ahem* I was happy to lend a hand when needed.

Mila-Milot and I then had our lunch and went shopping. I bought goodies for my best friend's not-yet-born baby boy. I was comparably super-excited just like the mom-to-be! We walked into the MPH Bookstores and bought a handy pocket-sized Sudoku brainteasers each. Get ready to be challenged with linear and lateral thinking skills of this collection of sudoku puzzles!

I got attracted to one Malay version comic 'Go Go Cha Cha Street' by Zint. The comic was sealed. Thus, I could not take a look on the ideas inside. Considering the price and illustration of the cover page, I bought the comic just for fun which only cost me RM7.50. (amacam? cool x kartun ngan tulisan tu? huhu..)

The comic was in every way, making fun of the manual-modern life just enough to make it ridiculous and marketable. Done by someone who obviously loves the medium. Congratulations and all the best to Zint!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

: : Wedge Heeled Shoes? : :

I have no explanation for my recent desire in shopping particularly on footwear. It is always a treat for me when I get to do top picks in any kind of high-heels. Well, to those who know - that is just downright nirvana. Three years back, I did shop around for high-heels. Incidentally, I ended up buying flat sandals for some specific reasons. (haha..ada yg tau pasal apa..) I used to name those sandals: one-cell thick sandals! (wah2..scientific btol aku ni..hohoho..)

Now, everything has changed. I have my own new preferences on footwear. Ranging from casual to elegant, I easily get attracted in all colours, styles and heights without much doubt. I happened to come across a pair of wedge heels at Voir last few days which amazingly sold at 50% discout price. With considerable certainty, I bought my first retro-style wedges! The wedges are worldly and sophisticated by nature. (muahaha..poyo gila!)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

: : i+me+myself : :


1. Each blogger must post these rules first.
2. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they've tagged, and to read your blog.


Random Facts/Habits #1

Vanilla vs Chocolate

I prefer the taste of vanilla over chocolate. Vanilla goes better with other flavors. I really love the heavenly taste and much more visually enticing of vanilla with berries, bananas or cocoa beans in it. (nyum..nyum..) Yet, both are such a great combination.

Are you a vanilla-flavored person or a chocolatey one?

Random Facts/Habits #2

Imperfect sight without glasses

I am terribly 'blind' without my contacts/glasses! (seperti orang buta kehilangan tongkat..huhu..) Sometimes, I even fall asleep with them. (jelas sikit nampak mimpi ha..hihiks..)

got glasses about twelve years ago when I was about 12. Sitting in the back row, I do remember not being able to read the board in class. My eyesight got progressively worse since then. I am short sighted to the tune of -5.25 and -4.50.

Random Facts/Habits #3

People with dimples are abnormal?

I have dimples on both cheeks. Some claim that having dimples is a plus factor in guys being attracted to a girl. I think guys with dimples look cute and sweet.
Having said that, I believe dimples are good abnormalities.

Noticing my dimples, friends or new acquaintances have their own responses range from being delighted to being impressed while talking to me. (ada yang x perasan pun kewujudan lesung pipit aku tapi ralit dengar celoteh aku agaknya..haha..) Thank God for the gift of grace.

Do you have dimples? What do you think about people having dimples?

Random Facts/Habits#4

Who wants to be the next winner of One In A Million?

(angkat tangan!!!)

I wish I could. Let me finish my words first. I wish I could sing. It is one of a few desirable natural talents I was not blessed with. *sigh* I could somehow mimic and carry the tune of a song. (walaupun dengan gaya syok sendiri aku..huhu..) Still, it was not how it should be. I just could not sing! But, who cares?

I enjoy singing ‘Awan Yang Terpilu’ sang by Ning Baizura. (hah..tak hengat..lagu tak mau koman..huhu..) I sing just to remind myself how bad my singing voice actually is.

Random Facts/Habits #5

I always skip my breakfast!

Do I really need breakfast?

I am not saying that breakfast is not necessary. Obviously I know the importance of starting a day with some nutrients and breakfast is an ideal opportunity to get nutrients into daily diet.
It provides calories, refuels the body and replenishes blood glucose - giving the energy to start a new day. I understand the concept very well. It is just that I have never had much of an appetite to eat when I wake up in the morning. (ni alasan berkesan untuk orang yang pemalas macam aku..haha..) I rarely feel hungry in the morning and would always be in bed during the hours of breakfast. (jenuh la kena maki dengan laki nanti..huhu..boleh la buat ala-ala ‘breakfast-in-bed’;p)

Those days, being Mun’s children, we were hardly trained to have our breakfast during lunch time. (jenuh kena ‘tahaq’..konon latih nak puasa la..) Lunch was our breakfast. According to many experts, eating breakfast can have a beneficial influence on school performance. Studies found that students who ate breakfast had higher energy levels, better learning ability, earned higher grades, and had significantly fewer behavioral and emotional problems. I guess I am an exception to that rule. (ngeh3x..perasan betul..) Otherwise, who should be blamed?

Dear students, remember not to run out the door with an empty stomach. Fuel up with a healthy breakfast!

Random Facts/Habits #6

Wet, squeeze and spread!

I wet my toothbrush before squeezing out the toothpaste on it. I spread toothpaste uniformly over the surface of the toothbrush. I believe that toothpaste applied between the ridges provides extra incentives in cleaning and conditioning my teeth and gums for good oral hygiene when brushing the teeth. (sampai macam tu imaginasi aku..haha..)

Random Facts/Habits #7

It is enough to say that I am a nose-picker!

I pick my nose when I think nobody is looking. Disgusting, I know! (baik ‘melombong’ daripada menternak kan?)

Random Facts/Habits #8

¿uʍop ǝpısdn ƃuıʇıɹʍ

I first began tutoring years ago, I realized the advantages of reading upside down. I like to see students’ facial expressions while teaching them. So, I tutor with my students sitting across the corner of a table from me.

While perfecting my ability to read upside down, I made reversals in writing too. I taught myself to write upside down. I believe that having the ability to write upside down is a professional approach of teaching technique. The mind does have an extraordinary good ability of interpreting indistinct stimuli. It is such a great deal to my students! (tak la terteleng kepala nak membaca ha..)


Whom to tag? I am tagging:
1. Fai
2. CJ
3. You
4. You
5. You
6. You
7. You
8. You

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

: : T.square : :

I am very particular when it comes to choosing a name. Thus, picking a name for my tutoring services turned to be the hardest part of the starting process. I spent days brain storming random words related to my services niche in order to come up with a catchy and unique name.

Yes, I do have a registered educational company with the name of Cognitive Growth Enterprise. Yet, this tutoring service would be a joint venture enterprise co-owned by me and Fara as business partners for mutual benefits though we individually have our own registered companies. (pulak dah..berapa banyak company daa..huhuhu..)


Finally, a name has been chosen. We go for the shorter obscure name.

:: think-A-ble Tuition ::

I am glad when Alang knows the 'hidden' meanings of the chosen name as well. (x heran la..we both came out from the same..ahem..excuse me..ngee~)

How about you? What do you think?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

: : April Fools' Day : :

Noted by the commission of jokes and hoaxes, I am always aware of April Fools' Day. Most tricks do not work on me. But, not this time. I received a message from my new student, Ika - telling that she has just been informed that Dayu (her tuition-mate) had an accident. Ouh..pity her! Showing my concern as their teacher, I replied her asking Dayu's condition etc. I told my housemates about the incident while waiting for her reply.

*1 new message received*
"APRIL FOOL! I am sorry. hehehe.."

Gosh! She has just tricked me! (hampeh punya budak..ni x buleh jadi ni..jaga hang nanti masa tuisyen Ika!!! muahahaha..) I did not reply her message (konon marah la..hihiks..) and she did send me another message for an apology. (hah..tau pun takut;p baru hang tau..harharhar..gila jahat punya cikgu..)

Care to share any great pranks of hoaxes? Leave a comment.

: : benci+cinta=BENCINTA : :

A HOT-out-of-the-oven new single from a SUPERHERO!


I was pretty excited when I first listened to the new single from my SUPERHERO - Faizal Tahir *'_'* 'Bencinta' on Hot.FM! It has been a year since he last had his debut solo album, Aku.Muzik.Kamu.


Benarkanku tuk berbicara
Bicara terus ke hatimu

Hati yang penuh rasa ragu
Jangan terus pergi tanpa mendengar ku
Begitu mudah untuk kau terus berlalu
Nanti dulu
Berikanlah waktu
Untuk aku
Untuk kamu

Ingatkah lagi waktu kau bersamaku
Kaku aku melihat mu
Lidah kelu sedangkan aku mahu kau tahu
Aku cinta padamu
Benci padamu
Cinta padamu

Ke tepi lihat ku berlalu
Pasti itu yang terbaik untuk ku

Tiada lagi mahu ku tahu
Tentang hidup kamu
Tentang mati kamu

Aku tahu
Engkau tahu apa yang mataku tahu
Apa yang kau tunggu
Mahu aku buka pintu???

Ingatkah lagi waktu kau bersama ku
Kaku aku melihat mu
Sedangkan aku mahu kau tahu
Dengar kata ku
Aku cinta padamu
Benci padamu
Cinta padamu

Sakitnya aku membenci kamu
Sakit lagi mencintaimu
Dan aku pergi tapi kembali
Benci aku mencintai dirimu

Ku benci...kamu…
Aku cinta...kamu…

P/S: I love the deep meaningful lyrics of this song.


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