Monday, September 14, 2009

: : Betty's Yummy Maggi : :

Another giveaway, oyeh2~! - by dini-tupperwarekiosk.com - offering non-carcinogenic tumbler set! Sweet Pink and Cool Aqua:) (hahaha..set yg 'sihat' ini sangat berguna utk orang yg kerjanya banyak cakap macam aku..kalo x kang kering tekak2 h

Trying my luck, here I go:

*Added dini-tupperwarekiosk.blogspot.com to my blog list.
*Posted an entry on 'Betty's Yummy Maggi' - sharing a balanced diet recipe for breakfast, an easy-to-serve dish! dush2~
*Dropped a comment with my blog link and email address to the contest entry.
*Uploaded the contest button on my blog sidebar linked to
*Done before 30th September 2009.


Jom sahur bersama Bettyone!

Experimental cooking. Let's have something different from the old boring Maggi!

:: Betty's Yummy Maggi ::

(atau lebih dikenali sebagai Mubarak Maggi eh, Murtabak Maggi..hihihi..bulan2 posa ni ter'shashul' plaks..) This version of Maggi would be interesting dish for Maggi lovers - more nutritious treat for breakfast during Ramadan.

Easy to serve. Very simple. And I like it! ;)



2 packets Maggi instant noodles (curry flavour)
6 eggs
3 cloves of shallots (chopped)
Cooking oil

For the Filling (optional)

1/2 cup mince of chicken/beef
1/2 cup mixed vegetables
Sausages (sliced)
Mushrooms (sliced)

Oyster sauce
Soy sauce


Make the filling first. Heat oil in a flat base pan and stir fry chopped shallots until golden brown. Add mince of chicken/beef, sliced sausages, mixed vege, mushrooms (or whatever you like for the filling) and cook for a few minutes. Season the filling with some oyster sauce and mix well.

Then, add in soaked-and-drained Maggi (instant noodles) and half a pack of the seasoning (if needed).

Mix it up real good on very low heat. Then, flatten the whole thing on the pan.

Beat eggs into a bowl and season to taste with some soy sauce and pepper. Next, pour the eggs over the flattened noodles. Tilt the pan around to make sure the egg is evenly distributed.

Cover the pan to trap some heat to evenly cook the eggs.

Flip to cook the top part.

Serve hot.

Top with some mayonnaise and chilli sauce.

A bite-sized piece of Betty's Yummy Maggi!


Nampak sedap kan? Memang sedap! hehehe..
Hah? Apa lagik??? Try la..dan rasai sendiri kenikmatannya..wawawa..

To the organizer,


P/S: Being Mun's children, I and my other siblings grew up with an unnatural love of Maggi Instant Noodles. During those days, the yummy 2-minute concoction has been damned to hell by our nutrition conscious mother. (tapi sekarang dia pon makan ha..hihiks;p)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

: : The Ultimate Malaysia Satu : :

Muahaha... (gelak jahat menteri pasola>;D)

Chosen by the majority public vote, as expected Malaysia Satu wins Lagu 1 Malaysia Kita Contest. I definitely love this song out of ten shortlisted songs made to the final. Well, Faizal Tahir is the main factor. The X-factor!

Malaysia Satu portrays the spirit of 1 Malaysia which depicts racial unity inspiring harmony and peace. Enjoy!!!

Congratulations to Audi Mok (composer), Nur Fatimah (song writer) and Faizal Tahir (singer) for winning the grand prize of RM25 000

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