Wednesday, July 29, 2009

: : Sudden Demise : :

: : Y A S M I N . A H M A D : :

Saddened by the silent loss of an extraordinary talent, her fans have lost the opportunity to enjoy yet another heart–wrenching tone of international class masterpiece by the truly film master.

Lethal hemorrhagic stroke. Mal apropos. Yasmin died on Saturday, 25th July 2009 at 11.25pm.

Sleep well, Yasmin. May you rest in peace.

: : Unable to Connect : :

Gosh! My internet connection was sluggish for the past few days!

The internet dial-up to the service provider was experiencing some problems caused by certain technical issues from the internet service provider. I was thinking that sharing a single internet point results in difficulties in accessing the internet. Yet, it is not much of an issue. It has something to do with the connection settings and properties obviously.

Whatever! As long as it goes well as before. ("_;)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

: : Average Ever : :

..the average woman would rather have beauty than brains..
..the average man can see better than he can think..

..an average woman for an average man..

they are just meant to be together..meant for each other!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

: : Winners of Winners : :

Announcing the lucky winners for the most favourite Funny Birthday Moment Photo Contest picked by the all-star judges.



*it is not your photo?*
*scroll for the 2'nd winner!*



*still, it is not yours?*
*better luck next time, good luck!*

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners! A big THANK YOU to all participants. SORRY for any inconvenience caused. (those yg kurang bernasib baik tu..cuba lagik next time..eh?)

P/S: Winners are advised to email their details to miss_bettyone@yahoo.com for the ease of prize delivery:)
[+] Name
[+] Address
[+] Handphone Number

Friday, July 17, 2009

: : Awaiting Results : :

Contest has closed. Two contest winners will be announced soon the results from the juries are in! (sabar yek yg mana x sabar tu..huhu..)

Thank you for your interest in My.B.E.T.T.Y.ful.Soul.Blog - : : Funny Birthday Moment Photo Contest : : Thank you so much for your participation! TUNGGU...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

: : ...life is made this way... : :

One knows what one loses but one does not know what one wins.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

: : Funny Birthday Moment Photo Contest @ My.B.E.T.T.Y.ful.Soul : :

Hello Bloggers! Welcome to the first official contest of My.B.E.T.T.Y.ful.Soul.Blog.

bettYone is organizing a contest for her upcoming birthday this July. Everyone is invited to join as long as you have your blog running.

bettYone is Me! wink2~

This contest is super-easy to enter.
Complete these six (6) steps and you can stand a chance winning the prizes!

1. Follow
bettYone @ My.B.E.T.T.Y.ful.Soul.Blog - add bettYone to your blogroll.
2. Post an entry about -
: : Funny Birthday Moment Photo Contest : :

3. Upload one (1) photo showing your most hilarious birthday moments with a creative written description of the photo.
4. Place the contest button on your blog sidebar.

5. Add my link: http://bettyone-mybettyfulsoul.blogspot.com/ in your entry.
6. Drop me a comment with the link to your contest entry.

Terms and Conditions

[+] This contest is opened to Malaysian bloggers only.

[+] Entries may be received only during the entry period from 8th July 2009 until 16th July 2009.

[+] You must complete the required steps to be counted in.
[+] Winners will be selected based on the quality, originality, and appeal of the entries.

[+] Judges' decisions are final and no correspondence will be entertained.

[+] Winners will get notified in this blog.

Start blogging on this contest now and win the prizes!

Best wishes to all! (^_^)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

: : Weekend Friends Outing : :

I spent yesterday evening at
a quaint seaside village,
Bagan Lalang.

Sunset view: to Bagan Lalang

A convivial evening with great company of friends; MilaMilot, Komal and Hairie - sharing fine foods plus light entertainment. Cool huh?
Poised to be a major tourist spot in Sepang, restaurants serving seafood dishes open till late night to cater the ever-increasing number of visitors.

Hungry. Time for dinner! Seafood, of course! We all ate, and ate - and talked. (nyum..nyum..)



After dinner, we sat by the seaside and talked some more. We laughed and surprisingly had so much fun singing along whilst Komal plucking his guitar. Rock Kapak songs! Komal taught me several chords. A good sifu for an absolute beginner playing guitar! How much did I accomplish? I did kind of dramatic improvement. I am just a beginner. "...but I can't help...falling in love with you..." Yes, the tune! Maybe someday I could play the tune of 'Nothing Else Matters'? Thanks Komal for the free lesson. wink-wink~

It was so nice to get out of the house and enjoyed the lovely evening with the three of them. Friendship has been said to be sustenance for the soul.

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