Friday, June 26, 2009

: : King of Fruits : :

Yes, unquestionably it is the seasonal tropical fruit with overpowering perceptible smell!

: : D.U.R.I.A.N : :

I passionately love the exotic spiky durian with its sinfully aromatic custard-like flesh. Hey, stand the smell and enjoy the delectable creamy fillings! nyum..nyum..

This evening, PakLi and Komal took Mila Milot and I to one they-call-it-popular-fruit stall selling good grades durians located right beside the Petronas USJ 13, Subang Jaya. (sori..lupa nak tengok nama gerai tu sebab mata dah dikaburi dgn durian2 yg kelihatan menggugat imanku..huhu..) Conveniently, there are a few tables set up for customers to savour the fruits on the spot! Chill huh? Getting durians at your preference or you can just leave it to the durian experts there to pick the right one for you!

And there, we had ours - the second batch! (yg first punya x sempat nak amik gambar..x tahannn!!! muahaha..) Yeah...piling on the calories!!!

Heavenly texture, heavenly taste.

Considering that durians have warming properties at risk of causing excessive sweating, I drank the water poured into the empty husk of the fruit to traditionally counteract the effect. It is Asian folk beliefs! (eleh..makan b'bijik2..minum satu pangsa bajet sejuk la sangat..huhuhu..)

It was a good time to feast on the King of Fruits! *hunting for durians*

Durian lovers, happy durian hunting!
Durian loathers, do not let the notoriously repulsive smell dissuade you from trying it because it is worth trying. ;D wink2~


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