Wednesday, June 3, 2009

: : The Uber Amazing Blog Award : :

Wow! I have just received my first award at the blogsphere!
The Uber Amazing Blog Award : awarded by Isabelle
- not that I really deserve it, but thanks Alang! I am super-delighted to be considered as one! I am sorry for being that much late to receive this award. (kesibukan melampau..huhu..)

1. Copy this award and put it in your blog

2. State 5 interesting facts about the one who gave u the award:

a: An ideal older sister whom I treasured doing most sisterly-stuffs together. (Dan banyak lagi menda2 merapu!)
b: Both sides brain user. (Aku pon! hahaha..) 'Figures' are arts!
c: A very 'generous' sister when it comes to who's-gonna-pay-the-meal?-time. (Eh, hang bayar ek Alang...?)
P/S: Note that the question should only be asked in front of the cashier while 'slowly' taking out the cash from the purse. (Konon berebut nak bayar la..haha..)

d: She loves her mother..ops..
silap..her munchkin Cikebum!
e: A fashionista-la-diva! Vavava...

3. Then, state 10 facts/hobbies of yours before picking the next award nominees

a: Very sensitive to everything near and dear to her. (Sensitive and responsive!)
b: Has strong domestic instincts. (Hah..jaga-jaga aaa..tok nujum ni!)
c: Often has difficulty in making decisions, yet is predominately believed to make desicions for others.
d: Has youthful energy and enthusiasm which motivate her peers and students to put their best effort. (Caiyok2!!!)
e: Enjoys meeting up with new friends!
"Make new friends, but keep the old; one is silver and the other is gold."

f: Has a passion of perfection. (Dipercayai turun-temurun dalam perincian pemilihan barangan bagi setiap pembelian!)
g: Always hope to attain great wealth in business realizing the greatest financial potential. (Di mana dia Dewa Kekayaan saya..? - irama lagu "Di mana dia anak kambing saya..?")
h: A conventional person who likes to earn her livelihood in glamorous ways. ('An actress in-the-making'? Hah..iyolah tu..)
i: A shopaholic? (Oh, 'sorga dunia'!)
j: Great Teacher Onizuka! Eh, silap..Great Teacher Khairun Nisa! (Anak2 muridku, baik korang mengaku..baru berkat ilmu tu..hohoho..)

4. Choose 10 nominees for this award and describe them.

a. isabelle - mother-blogger!
b. fai.ciknit - my dream lover:)
c. CJ -
d. dr.LOVE -
e. nanachoco -
f. fazleen -
g. jumie -
h. syazlin -
i. jing2 -
j. YOU


fai said...

kesimpualn yang aku ble bt..ang suka angkat tempayan..miahahaha..tp perfectionist tu mmg 120% la beb..ekekekeke

isabelle said...

oi..oi..yg love her mother to along the GTM ja.
bukan aku la!

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