Thursday, January 28, 2010

: : Adnan Sempit & Cikaro : :

I watched Adnan Sempit last night and about died laughing. Ahmad Idham gives a surprisingly consistent comedy loaded with bizarre scenarios ensued by lots of laughter.

To me, the movie was so freaking funny. Seriously. Everybody in the hall was laughing hysterically every minute. (..memang lawak spontan+semulajadi..)

If you need a pick-me-up from a bad day, you should watch this movie. I
highly recommend 'Adnan Sempit' for an extreme night of hilarious comedy entertainment. ..lawak tahap guling2 punya..;P~*


isabelle said...

camna aku nak convince laki aku tgk citer melayu?

Aus said...

yone tgk wayang tak ajak..

Aduka Dikejar Polis Lagi

bettYone said...

isabelle: ang p ja beli siap2..nescaya dia x kan mengecewakan ang punya:D

aus: ala..dia dah p tengok dulu dah pon kan??? huhuhu:P

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