Friday, January 15, 2010

: : skxawng = moron : :

I was lucky enough to get tickets to watch Avatar at only RM6. (..well..memang x sia2 aku kosongkan jadual hari rabu malam;P)
I originally am/was not interested in science fiction movies. Yet, upon hearing the overwhelming positive feedback from the general public, we went for that movie and I am glad I did. (..memang berbaloi!!! :D)

Avatar lived up to my expectations. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Extraordinarily brilliant! I would say that Avatar is one of the most anticipated movies. Visually stunning, felt like I was blown away by this super-hit movie just like everyone else seems to be. A remarkable level of realism, no doubt. I cannot think of a word good enough to give it the credit it deserves.

Jake Sully: I see you.
Neytiri: I see you.

A big WOW to Avatar for its awe-inducing visuals! I truly wished I could have watched the 3-D version:( Anyhow, experience yourself the masterpiece of Pandora;)


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