Wednesday, January 6, 2010

: : Unlucky Me : :

I had my entry...

Howdy to my life worthy: Nikon, perfectly!

The recipe of one's life diary
That remembers each memory
And individually records history

The narrator of the life story
That holds a moment of mercy
And freezes the pieces of entirety

The manifestation of sincerity
That lives each moment naturally
And completes the
series of a life journey

Nikon is absolutely necessary!
Always has been, always will be

...lost to Olivia Ong's...

As we welcome 2-0-1-0,
To our future we say hello.
But every prior weal and woe,
Remain precious memories to behold.
Alas, with Nikon we will show,
How our life stories unfold.
As upon us Nikon bestows,
The ability to shoot like a pro.
So now you very well know,
Nikon is one with which to grow old.

*Congratulations to Olivia for winning the Nikon COOLPIX S570*

P/S: I did not get listed into the top-10 though:(


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