Thursday, January 21, 2010

: : Seri in Memory : :

"Yone, Seri has passed away".

What???!!! Such a shocking day indeed when I was told by Juliana that Seri is dead:O It is always inevitable, but a shock when it comes to death. My friend is dead. My old friend back in St. George's Girls' School. Shocking and sad news indeed, as I saw a lot of status updates in Facebook giving their kind words for Seri's death especially her close friends.

The moment I heard, she was knocked unconscious and was diagnose
d with a brain tumor before she had been transferred from the Seberang Jaya Hospital to the Penang General Hospital, the worst was anticipated. She underwent surgery and afterwards relying on life support for a few days before the hospital proclaimed her brain dead and announced their intent to unplug her from life support. I hope she finally worked out her purpose in life, before she left it.

Dear Seri Arenawati,

As you lay in a still rest, God broke our hearts to prove he took the best. Everything you did, everything you were will always be in our memories:( If only our love could have saved you. Dear, the love we hold for you will never change.

: : Seri Arenawati : :
: : 21 December 1985 - 21 January 2010 : :

To the Muslims, please recite Al-Fatihah for her. (T_T)


Fina Fento said...

al-fatihah buat kawan awak..

bettYone said...

mekasih fina.fento..

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