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: : CORBY Colors My Life : :

Event : Samsung Color Me Corby Carnival
Venue: Sunway Lagoon
Date : 16th January 2010

Phew! I finally managed to update on the event I attended last Saturday. Samsung Nuffnang Color Me Corby Carnival. Not that I am a pea forgetting its pod (kacang lupakan kulit), but I really had a hectic week dealing with classes and bad internet connection.

Back to the event, I could not sleep the night before. (besala aku..lom apa2 dah gabra..hahaha..) That morning, I went there alone not knowing anyone. Who cares? That was kind of great thing about getting to meet new friends and would not have been stuck with the same old people around. kan? kan? kan...??? ;P Corby!!! Opsss~ Where should I start? The registration counter.

Yes, there was the first buddy I got to meet. Ween;) Then, Laila.

Upon the registration, each attendee received a goody bag with attractive merchandises (..siap ada voucher lagik! memang murah hati btol la..) and a team T-shirt based on the
four different Corby Color Groups (White, Yellow, Orange and Pink) assigned to each contestant to be worn.

And I was in the Orange team! (..kechiwa ween sebab dia nak sangat oren ha..tapi dapat pink pulak..jangan jeles..;P) Thanks to the girls in charged for the registration to assign me in the Orange team. Having said that, I make no surprise I guess;)

For about a hundred free entry passes to the Sunway Extreme Park kindly sponsored by the organizer. (..bukan senang tau nak masuk free..tua2 bangka ni memang x dak excuse la nak masuk buta2 ja;P) 75 Nuffnang’s Blogggers and 25 of Samsung Fan Club members
= 100 participants. Yeehaa!!! The game started then! Opsss~ Not yet. Whoa!!! Free breakfast! My hungry tummy had sandwiches and soy bean drink for free, again. Thumbs up to the organizer for that;D~ (..pewot kenyang..hati pon senang..)

"Hello! Hello! Who wants to win Samsung Corby???" There, was the cool emcee for the day - Mr. Liang.

Not forgetting, a welcoming greeting from the Sam
sung Malaysia Electronics (SME) Sdn. Bhd.'s Marketing Manager, Mr. Sam Chen.

Primed for a battle! Let's get started! FOUR Corby themes, FOUR Corby teams, FOUR Corby games for FREE Corby phones;)

First game first!

1. Balloon Stomp Game.

Ten from each Corby team tied a watermelon-sized blown balloon to their respective foot and started putting on trial to stomp the opponents' balloons. Woohoo!!! Stomp on the balloons!!! POP! POP! POP!

There was teamwork going on and strategies worked:) One needs to leave the play area once the balloon is popped. Last one with a balloon wins. And the final one was the
Orange team!!!

2. Tug of War.

Guess what? I played for my team;) Being one of five girls required for every team, I was pretty sure that some might doubt my physical capability since I do not look strong enough for the game. hahaha:D Don't judge a book by its cover;P ...urat dawai tulang besi...wired-veins iron-made-bones..okay? I used to play this before yet this time was much challenging. We played in a wading pool, better yet for the losers to fall into! hahaha:D With the equal ratios of boys and girls in each team, the battle started!

Our team positioned believed-to-be-the strongest person in the squad behind the rest as the anchor and staggered ourselves right-and-left of the rope. Picked up the rope and held it tight, my team pulled off the rope with all might.

Once again, we won!
Orange won!

Yes!!! It was a lot of fun in there. Really.

3. Wall Climbing.

Chef Gusteau in Ratatouille said, "Anyone can cook." And I thought, "Anyone can climb." "..berbekalkan pengalaman panjat pokok jambu belakang umah..nescaya aku dapat panjat dengan jayanya.." ujarku sendirian..

Yes, everyone was given the chance to climb. Climb up the wall and get one balloon down. As easy as that? It might sound/look easy but it was damn hard! ..aku rasa cicakman pon pikiaq 2-3 kali nak panjat..adoi~ The game was absolutely hard. Real tough. ..laki pon berapa kerat ja yg buleh panjat..huhu..

With that, (to me myself) "Don't judge a book by its cover". hahaha..kena balik! ;P Two thumbs up to the Orange Superman - Azree;)

..ang la penyelamat team kita daripada dicaci dan dihina..ekekeke..sekurang-kurangnya kita kalah mulia..muahaha.. :D

4. Paintball

The fun-filled carnival had the final game for the team to battle on the ground alongside with the members. The most expecting-and-awaiting game: Paintball!!! That was the BIG time for the four Corby teams since the winning teams would be awarded more points compared to other games. On the other words, the final game would determine the winner of the day! ..alamak..game penentu..adakah aku sanggup memikul tanggungjawab ini??? ..well..never say never..never say no..
Orange team finally chose the TEN chosen one prioritizing those who had experience the game before;) The FIVE experienced teammates were assigned to be in the Orange I

and the other FIVE enthusiastic beginners were in the Orange II. Me? I was in the gaga-group;P The yet-to-gain experience team! hehehe..poyo gila..well..bila lagik??? ;D

The fight began! It was time to shoot and get shot!!! BANG! BANG! BANG! (hey..the loud strike okay??? not aBANG;P) Orange I won the forth place with 2 wins and 2 loses. OMG!!! Orange II was in the final against Yellow I for the Corby!!! In the environment marked by rising tensions and diminished expectations, most of us could use a little luck. Luck. Fate. "Help me The Almighty." It was final. I got shot. We got shot. But, it was worth-being-shot.

Orange II gained victory for Orange!!! Orange II gained Corby for everybody in Orange!!! We truly had fun paintballing each other:D

Precisely, the team support was the winning factor.

Orange rocks!!! We merely make our own luck in life;)

Happy but hungry. No disappointment by the organizer. Always. Lunch was provided for everybody to fill up their grumpy tummy.

Again, good job! Burrppp~ Full.

oyeh2~ The prize giving ceremony. Oh-La-La;D

Dominating the games, Orange team was acknowledged for the Grand Prize and the members were awarded a brand new Samsung Corby each. Efforts of each amazing member of Orange team finally paid off!

Yellow team emerged as the 1st Runner Up and won themselves RM100 each.

I had so much fun indeed and I believe everyone enjoyed the event to the fullest with worthful experience and new friends:)

A warm heartfelt thank you to Samsung and Nuffnang for organizing such event which really made my day;) Hats off!!! You guys rock!

P/S: Credits to the photo sources:)


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