Wednesday, February 3, 2010

: : EASY celah gigi : :

WOW! It was super-easy! ..hahaha:D easy celah gigi:P DONE!!! I have no regrets of getting rid of all those little 'bugs' from my laptop after years of internet browsing as well as random installs of freeware. Giving my buddy back the new look, this time I did it myself. ..well..x la susah pon..huhu..

Having a bootable recovery CD as recommended by my very-the-technology brother - Mofis, performing such task becomes much easier. The i
nstallation of recovery process done was automatically initialized by the bootable CD and it was pretty straight forward. ..ni memang mudah sdn. bhd. ni..kemahiran tidak diperlukan..huhuhu..

Well, reformatting the laptop is something that should be done periodically to keep the laptop running well from any severe malware attack. But, do not forget the policy to always backup the contents before having any sort of repair done. Though it was time consuming, the result is well worth;)


Drama Mama said...

ohhh i'm lucky ada hubby yang can do all these things. if harap sendiri...tunggu rosak ja la pc nih then beli baru hiks


Aus said...

apbila cikgu mula berbicara..

bettYone said...

drama mama: wah2~ untung le ada hubby ek leh tolong wat..tp siyes..i pon bau tau senang coih! ;P

aus: yeah~ ikotkan byk ha nak cita..tp masa aa..asyik duk men fb jek..hihiks..

isabelle said...

hahaha.lps ni, dah ada org tolong formatkan komputer/laptop aku..

err..hang bayiaqqq aaa? :P

yone, jom p kariyoki 23feb nie. time keja. nak?

bettYone said...

no prob..mudah.com! huhuhu..adik-beradik aku kira murah ja..hahaha:D apa??? kariyoki masa keja??? selasa? aku macam ada class ja..eip? tumpang along ada cni jugak ni best ajak dia skali..acam?

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