Friday, February 5, 2010

: : Gigi 'Planta' : :

OMG!!! A person's bad breath can just blow me away! But, sometimes they just do not realize the problem. (
..muka lawa mulut bau busuk..adehs~ turun saham kot!!!) How is your breath? Not sure? It can be difficult to ascertain the exact status of our own breath, yet not be aware of it since the oral cavity is connected to the nasal cavity as well. As a result, noses tend to ignore the quality of our own breath.

Poor oral hygiene leads to bad breath as those pieces of food particles left can rot and begin to smell. Yes, bacteria activities then cause plaque to build up on the teeth. ..maka jadilah gigi 'planta'..hahaha:D hah..kalo ada kawan2 yg b'gigi 'planta' tu..bagi kat dia roti..mesti dia paham maksud t'sirat anda..hihiks;P

Letting someone know that he or she has bad breath is not easy. Still, there are a few tactful ways to do that instead of telling them directly. ..sapa2 yg rasa mulut x dak insurans tu bawak2 la belajar menegur org ye..huhu.. You could simply offer mints or sugarless gum without having to say anything.

..paham2 le orang tu nanti..tapi..memang ada yg memang x paham bahasa kiasan ni..maka terpaksa la guna pendekatan len ckit..

As an alternative, you could say that bad breath is not something unusual in which
you understand foods can cause bad breath because you have had it before yourself. This would make the person feel more comfortable and less embarrassed about accepting your piece of chewing gum.

..tapi..sapa2 yg suspect sendiri punya breath tu foul..jangan la duk m'harapkan orang pulak duk jadik supplier chewing gum..pandai2 lah yek..

Mint mouthwash is a popular choice today, as well as Listerine mouthwash which is believed very effective. Anyone including me who has had a taste of Listerine would certainly agree that it is powerful. Very fresh, indeed. ..apa kira..hilang 'planta2' suma ha:D I am currently using the New Bright & Clean Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash and I prefer the taste better than the Original taste I used before.
Have you ever wondered what goes on when you use a mouthwash? Try it then! Get mouthy!


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