Friday, November 19, 2010

: : An Evolutionary BlackBerry for The Revolutionary Betty and Everybody : :

Oh, no! Smartphones are everywhere. Now and then. Even my students now hold a BlackBerry!

"Teacher, you're smart enough to get yourself a smartphone. Let's fall in love together with BlackBerry!"

"Betty (which they refer to me) and BlackBerry are always our smart-choice." Phewittt!!! ;">

Here, it's the time for a revolutionary Betty. Yes, Betty really needs a BlackBerry. But, obviously for free:) hihihi:P

Be a nuffnang member and you can always have the opportunity!

This time, BlackBerry deserves my best attention. Came knocking as '2-in-1 phone', the snazzy new BlackBerry Torch 9800 offers the best of both worlds with its high resolution touch-screen interface plus additional slide-out version of BlackBerry's signature QWERTY keyboard.

Wowwie! Macam 2-in-1 shampoo, guna jari saja! Aku kan tamak:P Mesti mau macam-macam ada! Serba boleh, serba canggih! hahaha:D

Well, I could finally enjoy the favourite bits from other BlackBerry models, brought together in one device without compromise! No more on-screen keyboard typos with the pinpoint accuracy touch-pad.

Oyeh! Kalau dapat free ni boleh le merasa:P

I would say that the amazing new BlackBerry Torch smartphone delivers an optimized user experience for both touch-screen and keyboard fans like me. And it's all about choice:) I can simply choose to enter text from either the touch-screen or the virtual keyboard option. What's most natural and convenient to me!

Wah! Amacam? Cool tak? Ngee;D

And between the two, I don't need to struggle too much to get my emails and SMS out. I guess typing is remarkably easy with different on-screen keyboards options.

In regards to ergonomics, you would also appreciate the Torch's tactile keyboard since it's solid and actually easier to type too.


;) To me, the on-screen keyboard serves best to make phone calls, quick texts or replies via BlackBerry Messenger.

Wah! Ini tak boleh jadi. Dah start berangan sms pakai BBM le pulak! Adoi! :P Perhaps, for answering an email I'd rather choose the one-handed ease of use physical keyboard and optical trackpad that I value so much.

Meanwhile, browsing my friends' latest Facebook updates might be better on the added wide touch-screen display which certainly makes the experience more engaging and intuitive all around.

How about you Facebook addicts? hahaha:D Get the Torch!

Apart from that, I believe, owning the BlackBerry Torch with the 3.2-inch capacitive touch-screen which supports multi-touch allows me to simultaneously mark a list of unwanted messages top to bottom and then deleting them en masse. Zap! Jimat masa kot:P

This time, I can say that BlackBerry delivers a very smooth experience and support for gestures including tap, pinch, slide, touch and hold and double tap. I can tap pretty much everything on the touchscreen! Tap! Tap! Tap! Betty's tapping on the Torch-screen:P Haish! Berangan tak hengat:P

Literally, it takes no physical effort typing with the touch-screen. And the Torch's vertical sliding form factor provides the best of both worlds, indeed. Smartphones pleasing smart minds. Teehee;D

Much talked about the '2-in-1' Torch, I would positively without a doubt agree that the new interface enables a highly satisfying user experience whether using a touch screen or trackpad and keyboard.

This is indeed a deal breaker!

BlackBerry Torch has everything for everyone, absolutely. I can easily say the BlackBerry Torch is my favourite to date;)

Besides the 2-in-1 design, other extras worth mentioning include:

[+] The right fit with ideal weight.
Berat tak berat le. 'Rasa' le ada dalam poket. Tak le aku tinggal merata kan? Kalau jatuh pun confirm dengar! I believe it doesn't slip easily since the Torch has a rubber backing cover too.

[+] Long battery life.
Puas le kalau nak bergayut kira lama le. Kredit habis pun bateri full lagik! :P

[+] Loads of expandable memory.
Macam-macam le boleh simpan kalau dah memory pun besar ye tak?

[+] Vivid photos and videos from the 5.0-megapixel camera.
Senang nak capture those spontaneous moments. Tak gaduh nak bawak camera pulak.

[+] Built-in GPS functionality.
Membantu perjalanan anda. Ala-ala co-pilot le ni! :P

[+] WiFi access.
Internet di mana-mana. hahaha:D

[+] Intergrated social feeds.
Jenuh le update Facebook bagai kan? Biar sampai muntah ha! :P

[+] Super efficient revamped browser.
Kalah superman! muahaha:D

Hah! Tunggu apa lagik? Pi beli BlackBerry Torch. Bagi aku menang yang ini. hihihi:P

Oh, yeah! Once again, the most coveted smartphone of the year: the BlackBerry Torch 9800 together with the Malaysia's No. 1 mobile network coverage market leader: Celcom are offering great deals to Celcom customers. Celcom continues offering the most attractive packages to always meet its customers' telecommunications satisfactions.

Last 29 October 2010, there was a one-day-only crazy deal going on in conjunction with the Celcom BlackBerry Torch 9800 official launch, offering CRAZY DEALS from the Blue which has been held in Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. With limited stock available and first come first served basis, anyone who signs up with Celcom Exec or Celcom Biz plans on the day would enjoy the CRAZY prices promotions from as low as RM 8! Siapa nak bagi 8 hengget boleh dapat BlackBerry Torch! Torchlight dapat le:P Celcom memang berhati murni betul la. Lagi baik hati kalau bagi aku free:P Tak gitu? Kan? hohoho:D

Missed the event? No worries. Check out the affordable packages from Celcom in any Blue Cube outlet nationwide. You still can own the low-priced Torch and enjoy the widest coverage with Celcom!

Celcom offers the tempting promotional packages available for both Celcom Exec and Celcom Biz plans. The monthly commitment starts from as low as RM 118 up to RM 250.

You'd love to check out the Celcom Exec Postpaid Plan - Celcom Exec 50 too, perhaps? Get connected with Celcom Exec 50 from as low as RM 50 per month with automatic discount up to 30%! Hooray! ;D

A much better deal with Celcom, huh? ;) Pre-book yours today! Sign up now at Celcom and enjoy savings with the Promotional Packages offered by the telco.

Everybody can always enjoy the evolutionary BlackBerry with Celcom:)


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