Tuesday, November 16, 2010

: : LOVE IS vs LOVE ISN'T : :

Found someone to love? Fabulous! Love is like Fabuloso: wangi tapi licin! :P

tak kisah baru sesi suai kenal 6 hari, dalam proses 'orientasi' 6 minggu, b'chenta bagai nak 'rak' 6 tahun or even lama lagi: You sure want to make it work - hoping for the relationship to be the one that lasts, grows stronger and better every day. wah! fairytale love gitu;) a'ha!

Are you in a real love? entah! kot:P Love doesn't explain itself either:| hurmmm~

But, some things LOVE ISN'T:

1. Chasing after someone who doesn't really want you.

- buat penat kejar jek! lari setempat pon dapat kuruskan badan tau! :P

2. Letting yourself be smothered, hurt or put down.

- belum apa-apa dah dapat penderaan emosi percuma! ish3x~

3. Trying to mould yourself into something you think you should be.

- tak payah susah-susah..tak ada faedah!

4. Always going along with what your partner wants.

- uih! macam lembu kena cucuk hidung! kenot:P jauhi spesis diktator!

5. Bouncing continually between highs and lows, excitement and tears.

- suka.duka.sedih.hiba.terasa.merana.makan hati b'ulam jantung! suka sekejap saja:P

6. Presenting only the 'acceptable' part of yourself to someone.

- nak kentot pon cover2:P

7. Drama, gossip, pretence and flattery.

- sampai tahap boleh dapat pencalonan anugerah pelakon lelaki/wanita terbaik!

8. Staying with someone to avoid being alone.

- ala-ala penambah perisa pulak!

9. Shunning real closeness and intimacy.

- cuba mengelak! tinggg! tinggg! tinggg!

10. Trying to fix someone or have them fix you.

- tak payah kot. buang 'karan' jek! :D

Yet, some things LOVE IS:

1. Letting your partner know the real you, warts and all.

2. Taking the time and trouble to get to know him, warts and all.

3. Growing and learning together.

4. Respecting one another.

5. Developing trust between you.

6. Staying committed even when you want to run away.

7. Liking your partner.

8. Sharing fears, doubts, hopes and dreams.

9. Taking responsibility for yourself.

10. Accepting what you don't like in your partner as well as what you do.

It's time to review the relationship. Rise in love! ~♥ The adventure of two;) Be wise about love and choose the path to real love. Cheers!


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