Thursday, February 25, 2010

: : BlackBerry for Me and Everybody : :

BlackBerry deserves my attention. Perhaps, your attention too. Been baffled by the rapid increase in the number of my friends who now hold a BlackBerry, I do not want to miss out the fun offered by the smartphones. ..hah..korang sume pakai blackberry beli sendiri..aku nak blackberry free..hihihi:P jom join contest baik hati celcom+nuffnang ni..

Yes, smartphones for smart people;D Smartphones go by one name: BlackBerry. BlackBerry for Betty, BlackBerry for me;) ..hihihi..bukan apa..salo orang yg pakai blackberry ni golongan2 yg ala2 kelas gitu..well..blackberry dah cukup wat uols nampak bergaya;)

I personally would love BlackBerry for countless reasons. I am into certain types of phones and would happily have one with everything rather than dishing out money for different gadgets. ..aku ni manusia cerewet tau bab2 pilih barang ni..nak2 harga ratusan m'cecah ribu-riban..memang la kena tapis b'kali2..

BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520 : wallpaper 'tiger' tu..mana la tau ada 'ong' tiger year;)

And, BlackBerry is just perfect for me. Yes, it may not offer the perfect complete package I want. Yet, BlackBerry is the real deal that offers everything to everybody. ..macam2 ada;P The simplicity I really need. BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520, specifically;)

With BlackBerry, I believe I could stay connected with everybody. Keeps me connected to family and friends. ..dalam erti kata len..blackberry storm ni mengeratkan silaturrahim sesama manusia..hihiks.. A smartphone that gets things done for me. Of course with BlackBerry's powerful organizer. ..x payah pakai personal assistant..pakai je blackberry..

"Yes, Rachel..you can quit now. I already 'hired' a new brand PA: her name is Storm!" (BlackBerry Storm)

lagik??? emm.. BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520, a sturdy and reliable phone for my personal usage - I would love to chat with my IM buddies on the go and 'tweet' all the time. ..well..keja aku bukan duk kat ofis..leh nak layan ngadap laptop online sepanjang masa..so..blackberry ni memang 'handy' kan?;)

Facebook? hahaha..aku memang ketagih dgn mukabuku! Yes, I should have a Blackberry to get updates from Facebook all the time and poke all day long which are pretty darn important. apa? uols pon ketagih facebooking? hah..pi beli blackberry sebijik..bagi i yg free ni..kihkihkih:D

..sesiapa yg mengalami masalah mukabuku kena blocked kat tempat keja..blackberry ada jalan penyelesaiannya..

The multitasking Blackberry would definitely win my heart when it comes to safe and quick browsing experience (7.2Mbps HSDPA internet capabilities) with the Storm's BIG touchscreen. The touch screen device also offers a clickable display to scroll the screen down. ..fuiyoo!!! mana x macho sape yg pakai blackberry ni? memang gaya+mutu+keunggulan:) No more fiddly buttons, okay!

Since I drop my cellphones a lot, I strolled over to talk to my BlackBerry friends about the durability of the BlackBerry. ..berusaha keras tu nak dapatkan blackberry free..eh..bukan..nak dapatkan bukti yg sahih akan kegagahan blackberry..kesimpulannya..blackberry gagah seperti badang!!! Even if it gets run over by a truck, the Blackberry still holds its form, avoids cracks and does not lose a key. wah2~ metafora+hiperbola melampau2 ek? tapi..itulah hakikatnya..memang tahan lasak! The Blackberry, built for business and travel, is a durable and strong phone. ..memang x dapat dinafikan lagik..around back..cover bateri aluminium kot..hebat siots..kalo dapat free henpon mahal camni..nescaya aku tatang bagai minyak yg penuh:P ekeke..

Created with business use in mind (otak bisnes macam aku:P), Blackberry is far superior to other phones. The perfect side-kick for professionals in the variety of areas. The office applications and security. Well, let’s just say it is secure enough for President Obama to use.

..hah..nak sangkal lagik? kenot..obama tu yg guna..osama aku x pasti..nanti aku check yek..huhu..

..seperti yg korang sume sedia maklom.. I lost my Cybershot handphone last two months. ..alahai..terkenang aa pulak.. I believe, owning a 3.2MP, autofocus and a 2x digital zoom function of the BlackBerry Storm would best replace my lost. ..senang utk aku capture sweet2 momento gitu..video pon ada;) ..tu la..ada hikmah tu hilang..huhu.. In addition, the BlackBerry Storm features a useful bedside mode which is helpful in screening those 2:00am phone calls from 'strangers'. ..buleh la tido dgn laman tanpa gangguan..tido yg cukup..baik utk kesihatan..hehehe.. At the same time, the Storm can still be adopted as an alarm clock. ..ye aa kat bandar metropolitan camni mana ada ayam nak kokok kejutkan pagi2?

Besides, BlackBerry smartphones have been adopted by millions of business customers to drive productivity gains. (..maka aku x akan ketinggalan..mau maju ke depan..) since the BlackBerry Storm addresses the lifestyle needs of Malaysians. hahaha..a valid point for me to own one;D This smartphone’s cutting-edge features and capabilities, together with Celcom’s broadband network coverage, will be an attractive offering to Celcom customers.

Why? Why not? Celcom is Malaysia’s No. 1 mobile broadband provider with the widest broadband coverage. ..apa lagik yg uols nak pertikaikan..?? Recognized as the market leader in the Malaysian mobile business industry, it is not surprising that Celcom continues offering only the best and most exciting products to ensure its customers’ telecommunications needs are constantly met. Celcom and Blackberry macam cokelat dan stoberi..sungguh serasi;)

..dua gergasi bersatu hati..ecey~ Celcom’s promotion for its BlackBerry Storm appears to be more attractive than what is being offered by others.

Unlimited calls. Shared minutes. Free mobile email and internet. Celcom business plans give everything everyone needs to work on the move, without worrying about the cost.

storm2 exec Celcoms Blackberry Storm2 9520 Packages

The tempting promotional package has been made available, for both Celcom Exec and Celcom Biz brand. With two packages available under Celcom Exec, the first package priced the device at RM1588, with RM148 monthly subscription fee (BIS + Voice/SMS) or pay monthly installment at RM216 per month for 1 year whilst the second package with RM250 voice/SMS subscription + BIS put the device price lower at RM1388 or RM252 monthly installment.

storm2 biz 450x354 Celcoms Blackberry Storm2 9520 Packages

There are more packages available under Celcom Biz, with the device priced at as low as RM1088 to RRM1288 or installment plan from as low as RM50.

Both packages has included data and voice plan. Now, you tell me – what other promotion is better than this one, eh? ;) A much better deal with a truly contract-less offer, unlike others’.

bb storm 9520 promo celcom Celcom To Lauch Blackberry Storm 9520,    With 50% Discount

Again, Celcom drew tonnes of attention from BlackBerry community as well as blog-sphere having had the official release event (this time) - unveiling the BlackBerry Storm 9520 on last 5th February 2010 at Chinoz KLCC at 4.30 pm. Celcom slashed the price of the new BlackBerry Storm 9520 by 50% for the first 150 units to lucky customers who turned up that day. Wished to enjoy the 50% discount, I heard that people started queuing as early in the morning during the last event.


AJ said...

kreatif entry yone..sukakan nya especially part strawberry tu...keep it up k?Good luck

Teh Tarik Drinker said...

nice post and good luck! do check out my post on this!


bettY.Yone said...

eyriqazz: thanx:) urs is creative too..yone kena blaja byk drp org yg penah menang ha..huhu..

teh.tarik.drinker: tenkiu2:) i'll sure check it out! gud luck to u too:)

Unknown said...

bila aku nk bole wat entry cam ni.. so creative lar... aku pn nk blackberry free maa...

bettY.Yone said...

practice makes perfect:)
write from the heart;) cewah!!! tu aa..org dah suwoh wat cepat2..duk ralit men zoo world jek;P

Anonymous said...

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xoulariff said...

woo,sungguh2 tu promote..nice one..haha

bettY.Yone said...

blackberry for everybody..beli jgn x beli..hihihi;P

xoul: uish~ puji tu dah satu kemestian..hehehe:D research tu penting!

Aus MeLankoLik said...

yone , ni the latest ke ??

gudluck kak ipar !

bettY.Yone said...

alamak!!! dah terkena panahan kata2 drp adik ipar;P i've been bz le aus..tunggu yek:)

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