Monday, February 1, 2010

: : Myelin = Miley : :

When it comes to my teaching lessons, I always ask students - "Do you understand?" or "Do you really understand?" Perhaps, they understand. (..budak2 ni x leh tipu aku sebab aku kenai sangat ekspresi muka yg buat2 paham+mengaku paham:P huhuhu..)

Then, I ask myself - "Do students remember the lessons the next day?" "Next few days?" or "Will they retain the lessons long enough and well enough?" ..hari ni bau blajaq memang ingat..esok2 x ingat la tu..adoi~

I teach, yet I learn. I learn a lot on how to teach so students remember. (..di samping pesanan ringkas daripada penaja seperti: larangan mendekati semut..jeruk..kepala ikan dan yg seangkatan dengannya..) I learn on how to increase students' capacity to obtain and retain the information in immediate memory. For them to act on the knowledge in working memory, storing it for long-term memory in which they can retrieve the knowledge in unanticipated situations. I learn, and I help. ..nak tau macam mana aku tolong??? tolong paksa depa mengingat lantaran menghafal menda2 yg penting..wah2~ sungguh kejam bukan??? muahaha:D

I strongly believe mental images help students understand and remember theories better:) Visuals help them to think in pictures and fix concepts in their minds which allow them to relate a concept to quick mental snapshots. ..sebagai contoh..visual comparison for neurone..aku tau student2 ni paling x suka bab2 nak kena ingat important parts of each particular subject..so..aku guna kaedah analogy..lebih mudah+terbukti keberkesanannya..hehehe..neurone and its analogy model..

With that, I have few respective comparisons for better understanding of the parts of the nerve cell - neurone.

nucleus = eye
cytoplasm = pimples
cell body = face
dendrons = hands
dendrites = fingers
axon = body
myelin sheath = dress

The analogy may sound funny or irrelevant but amazingly, my students could remember, draw and label those important parts in less than 2 minutes. ..terer kan? anak murid sapa tah:P tapi..ni yg nak cita ni..ada sorang budak ni..salah label satu part..myelin sheath..jadik..miley cyrus!!! aduhs~ kenapakah??? hahaha:D puncanya aku jugak..dia kata susah nak ingat..aku soh dia ingat miley cyrus..hah..amik..;P amboi~ nama artis kemain lagik boleh eja..huhuhu..

Taking words off a page, this helpful learning style brings the story to life of today's generations. Personally, I prefer to use graphic organizers such as flow charts and concept wheels in teaching Science subjects to help students visually 'see' what they are learning so that they will be able to carry the knowledge forward once it becomes fixed images in their minds.

I always tell my students that they only understand when they can explain it to others. Knowledge is to be shared. Am I right?


ummi syifa & auni said...

ingat lg p aja student smp kua term 'cc [cyber cafe] fara fauzana utk VIP jer....'... huhuhuuu........

budak2 ni kdg2 tu mmg kena paksa..... =)

bettY.Yone said...

fafau??? yep!!! jom paksa!!! muahaha:D

Anonymous said...

bettyone-mybettyfulsoul.blogspot.com; You saved my day again.

bettY.Yone said...

really? good for u then anonymous:)

p/s: dun forget to click on the nuffnang adv tab;P

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