Tuesday, April 7, 2009

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I am very particular when it comes to choosing a name. Thus, picking a name for my tutoring services turned to be the hardest part of the starting process. I spent days brain storming random words related to my services niche in order to come up with a catchy and unique name.

Yes, I do have a registered educational company with the name of Cognitive Growth Enterprise. Yet, this tutoring service would be a joint venture enterprise co-owned by me and Fara as business partners for mutual benefits though we individually have our own registered companies. (pulak dah..berapa banyak company daa..huhuhu..)


Finally, a name has been chosen. We go for the shorter obscure name.

:: think-A-ble Tuition ::

I am glad when Alang knows the 'hidden' meanings of the chosen name as well. (x heran la..we both came out from the same..ahem..excuse me..ngee~)

How about you? What do you think?


isabelle said...

let's ask Along, Ina & Acik.
If they have a different answer, it means they are adopted.
sorang anak cina juai teloq,
sorang cucu Ome atau Sabreena Bee,
sorang lg dari Kobe.

bettY.Yone said...

yeah..btol tu..
sort of a DNA test to answer questionable arguments of distinct physical traits inherited by each of us..harharhar..

p/s: oits? kalo yg susun potlid ikot elok ja dia punya kedudukan lubang tuh..errr..kira ikot sapa ha..???
ngeh3x.. ;p

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