Wednesday, April 22, 2009

: : BEAUTY - Universal or Subjective? : :

I have often wondered what makes someone look beautiful?
Is there any benchmark for true beauty? Big eyes? Flawless porcelain skin? Gorgeous hair? Enviable body? Attractive features? Fashionable attire? Is beauty an intrinsic attribute? Or, is beauty all about perfection? (Nobody is perfect, nobody is beautiful?)

As for me, beauty is purely subjective. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. There is no magical formula for beauty. It is a matter of perception. I believe that definition of beauty is the dominance of the eyes which appreciates it. How would you feel if someone told you that you are beautiful? "You are beautiful."

I doubt when people saying that I look beautiful and cute. (Nak pinjam specs aku yg berkuasa tinggi ni ke?) But, I love compliments. Sincere compliments.

Someone told me that I am cute and I asked him to define the word 'cute'.

Mr. Z : I define 'cute' as ugly but nice to see.
Me : Whoa!!! Are you telling me that I am ugly? Ugly Betty?
Mr. Z : No. You are not-so-ugly. Not that ugly.
Me : Again? Still, you are in other way saying that I am ugly!
Mr. Z : Yone, you are not 'not-so-ugly'. You are 'so-not-ugly'.
Me : Linguistic semantics! *smug face* Anyways, thank you for the 'indirect compliments'.

"Wisdom is the sum of the past,
but beauty is the promise of the future." - Shakespeare

What is the essence behind true beauty?

Beauty belongs to beautiful minds - shines right on through to the outside. When I feel good, I feel beautiful, I glow - the whole day long!


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