Monday, April 13, 2009

: : Retail Therapy : :

After such a toilsome week, I felt as if I did not have much time on myself. I had little time for reading and posting blogs. *pending* I needed a reward! A deep long sleep on Sunday morning and retail therapy, more accurately. (hehe..asyik nak membuta dengan soping ja..ngee;D)

I just woke up when I heard the knocking sound on my heaven's door. It was Mila-Milot, my housemate. She told me that her car tyre got punctured. (adehs..kesian..rileks..mujur kat depan umah ja ha..)

Well, practice makes perfect! I helped her to get everything done within a quarter of an hour. (berbekalkan pengalaman diriku yg tak seberapa..cewah..rendah diri tu..) The punctured tyre has been replaced with the spare tyre by the Supergirl! *ahem* I was happy to lend a hand when needed.

Mila-Milot and I then had our lunch and went shopping. I bought goodies for my best friend's not-yet-born baby boy. I was comparably super-excited just like the mom-to-be! We walked into the MPH Bookstores and bought a handy pocket-sized Sudoku brainteasers each. Get ready to be challenged with linear and lateral thinking skills of this collection of sudoku puzzles!

I got attracted to one Malay version comic 'Go Go Cha Cha Street' by Zint. The comic was sealed. Thus, I could not take a look on the ideas inside. Considering the price and illustration of the cover page, I bought the comic just for fun which only cost me RM7.50. (amacam? cool x kartun ngan tulisan tu? huhu..)

The comic was in every way, making fun of the manual-modern life just enough to make it ridiculous and marketable. Done by someone who obviously loves the medium. Congratulations and all the best to Zint!


Shah CJ said...

huih.. sampai pancit tayar. byk jalan nih kot. hehe

bettY.Yone said...

huhu..jalan2 cari makan la CJ;p

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