Thursday, April 9, 2009

: : Wedge Heeled Shoes? : :

I have no explanation for my recent desire in shopping particularly on footwear. It is always a treat for me when I get to do top picks in any kind of high-heels. Well, to those who know - that is just downright nirvana. Three years back, I did shop around for high-heels. Incidentally, I ended up buying flat sandals for some specific reasons. (haha..ada yg tau pasal apa..) I used to name those sandals: one-cell thick sandals! (wah2..scientific btol aku ni..hohoho..)

Now, everything has changed. I have my own new preferences on footwear. Ranging from casual to elegant, I easily get attracted in all colours, styles and heights without much doubt. I happened to come across a pair of wedge heels at Voir last few days which amazingly sold at 50% discout price. With considerable certainty, I bought my first retro-style wedges! The wedges are worldly and sophisticated by nature. (muahaha..poyo gila!)


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