Saturday, April 25, 2009

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Slept at seven this morning, I felt a bit woozy when Alang rang me at ten. Yes, we had a plan. It was a birthday party held at Gymboree, Bangsar Village. Happy Birthday to Pasha the birthday boy! Adam? He acted oddly. He rather played alone than joining others. He seemed so happy with his own 'world'. *curious*
What happened to Adam?

MPH Bookstores! I got myself the little book of stupid questions! Why? I am just sick of those major metaphysical issues with meaningful questions of the universe. So deadening! Life deals with little things. Well, the stupid things. Dozens of incredibly silly but immensely interesting subjects. So, free up your mind of any deep thoughts and get ready to get real! (Or, to get stupid maybe?) I like to share a question with you readers.

Question 92: Do you think cows are mad that we take their milk?
[Issue to consider: How would you feel if a cow took your milk?]

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity
- and I'm not sure about the former." - Albert Einstein

Also bought a pocket majestic 99 beautiful names of Allah. Very handy and informative. No doubt, Allah is Most Beautiful and He likes the beautiful.

*to be continued


isabelle said...

aisey.. wanted to give u 1 of the cat cookies, tapi mamai2 mlm tu. lopa terus.

bettY.Yone said...

aiya..i know..
u only remember to give me the 'beary-jelly' u made rite?
lalalala.. (^_^)

isabelle said...

beary jelly... hahaha.

syyy...jgn habaq kat org.

bettY.Yone said...

kalo aku snap pix beary jelly ritu..
leh wat entry khas beary jelly..;p

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